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1 He said resources should be switched away from these highly expensive studies, which in his view have now done their job.
2 service pack (SP) contains groups of Program Temporary Fixes (PTF) s for highly pervasive issues.
3 Because of their strongly positive or strongly negative views, black-and-white thinkers tend to be quicker at making decisions than highly ambivalent people.
4 Such initiative is highly commendable.
5 screen shot in Figure 5 below shows the graphical representation of a frequency distribution and shows a highly skewed set dominated by a pair of values.
6 His works were not highly regarded until he died in 1936.
7 If I am wrong, and the relationship is highly statistically significant, then it might encourage Paul to take the bet.
8 This is because the radioactivity emanating from polonium-210 is in the form of highly energetic alpha particles.
9 It repeated denials that the slops could have caused death or serious injury, and were highly toxic. It denied lying about the composition of the slops.
10 They repeated denials that the slops could have caused death or serious injury, and were highly toxic.
11 My husband and I were initially drawn to each other because we each exhibited behaviors that we valued highly: intelligence, independence, and integrity.
12 Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the Lord: "I will sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted." The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea.
13 The potential partners were, however, highly motivated to pull that rope, because they too knew that a food reward would be coming their way.
14 of the local dialect, their main hope of gaining acceptance is attaining a highly prized Shanghai hukou, or registration card.
15 This has turned the three hours of practice on Grand Prix Fridays into highly valuable track time, as it is now teams' only real opportunity to track test in-season developments.
16 When the dragline is caught in a turbulent breeze, it becomes highly contorted, catching air like an open parachute and sending the spider on an unknown journey.
17 It is possible the plateau is made up of the same material as the highly fractured mounds in the west.
18 Jacksons assets were highly leveraged, with some of the debt in default.
19 Filial duty used to be the most highly prized virtue among the Chinese for over two thousand years.
20 This reduced the total number of servers from 39 to 14 and provided a highly available and load-balanced environment for all users.
21 new programme apparently envisages a cumulative decline in GDP of about 8 per cent, though such forecasts are, of course, highly uncertain.
22 However, do these highly tight categorizations about the scientific status of a discipline have any correspondence in the history of science?
23 Patchy, highly textured cumulus clouds are present at lower altitudes, while grey altostratus clouds are stretched out by prevailing winds at higher altitudes.
24 Bats are the only mammal capable of flying and are so highly evolved to be capable of pinpointing a single insect flying in the pitch black and plucking it out of the air using echo location.
25 As a source of good writing, the country benefits from a highly educated elite and a dangerously dislocated society.
26 The western part of the island of New Guinea was once a Dutch colony, but has been Indonesian territory since a highly contested 1969 plebiscite known as the "Act of Free Choice."
27 study involved a highly scientific means of assessingattraction: women smelled sweaty T-shirts, and tended to prefer those worn by men with genes similar to those of their fathers.
28 Also, I’ve posted an excerpt – When in Doubt, Turn to the Experts – but I highly recommend reading the book in its entirety.
29 purpose of this article is to summarize these features and guide you in understanding how DB2 technologies can be used to build highly available database systems.
30 Seven years ago Northwestern University physicist Adilson E. Motter conjectured that the expansion of the universe at the time of the big bang was highly chaotic.