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higher prices in a sentence

1. Exhibition venues became larger and began charging higher prices.

2. higher prices for goods and services;

3. Higher-grade fruits command higher prices in the market.

4. Higher prices for cigarettes discourage smoking.

5. Price transparency can, however, lead to higher prices.

6. Upstairs is a much more upscale restaurant at much higher prices.

7. These bulls also fetch higher prices in the markets.

8. All had higher prices than the closed distribution stores.

9. This created a greater cost, and therefore higher prices.

10. Thus they asked for higher prices.

11. First, increased equipment fuel costs drive higher prices.

12. Industrial users pay higher prices for fresh Lake Michigan water.

13. Rugged units have higher prices.

14. This led to higher prices and lower quality for Snowflake Mill.

15. the higher prices for larger tanks;

16. Higher prices are charged for the highest quality fish;

17. Also end user consumer can buy goods, but at higher prices.

18. It helped in the weavers securing higher prices.

19. We pay HIGHER prices than anyone else."

20. Mining revived in the 1930s with higher prices for vanadium.

21. Parts that are critical, for example, can command higher prices.

22. The brothers then sold the liquor at higher prices.

23. We pay HIGHER prices than anyone else."

24. This led to higher prices and lower quality for Snowflake Mill.

25. Cards with a greater than 90% valid rate command higher prices.

26. Kabuli chickpeas generally go for higher prices;

27. Millers tried to keep supplies back, waiting for higher prices.

28. Eventually, says Mr Lawrence, that will lead to higher prices.

29. The higher prices are even found in big cities such as Tianjin.

30. Luminescence special point of view, higher prices.