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1 In the end numerous, mostly unrelated, items have been grafted on, from higher federal deposit-insurance limits to a tax exemption for wooden children's arrows.
2 Cool climatic conditions like those typically found in New Zealand generate much higher levels of these chemicals at comparable stages of berry ripening than do warmer climes.
3 Stocks did open higher, but then quickly tumbled as rumors swirled about the viability of big financial firms like Morgan Stanley and the Royal Bank of Scotland.
4 Generation by generation, though, Guan's children and grandchildren climbed higher up the educational ladder, and as they climbed they gathered the material fruit that came of their learning.
5 Higher prices for food and oil, as well as other "external shocks" - such as volatile capital flows from the uncertainties in the Middle East - are undermining economic confidence in Asia Pacific.
6 If they were higher, the system might be regarded as an onerous form of taxation rather than a benign savings plan.
7 Developing countries, even those with modest deficits, either are not able to borrow at all or are confronting much higher spreads.
8 If you want to encourage Banks to lend to enterprise then you don't penalize them for having higher risk assets.
9 In a nutshell, this theory associated higher incomes with higher productivity and a greater contribution to society.
10 This is a modest multiple for a good bank in a good economy, but higher than those for South Korean or Taiwanese banks, which do not have the same growth prospects.
11 Tourist attractions in Zhaotong are marked Huanglian River scenic area in the higher visibility. National Customs is the liveliest and Miao flower Festival.
12 But it will matter for their results. If pupils fail this component of the exams, they will not score higher than a D grade.
13 That argument is often bundled with another: that higher inflation greases the wheels of the economy.
14 Some people refused to go to work out of solidarity with the calls for higher wages, but others said they stayed home because they were simply afraid of trouble.
15 Yet Greenpeace says that toxin levels in the sludge are much higher than the government admits, with arsenic at 25 times the permitted amount, and significant levels of mercury and chrome.
16 If you have too much fat - especially if a lot of it is at your waist - you're at higher risk for such health problems as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.
17 If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still.
18 In recent years, it has also become clear that carriers of a particular version of a particular gene are at higher risk than others of depression and attempted suicide when they face traumatic events.
19 price discriminator might need to create rate fences that will prevent members of a higher price segment from purchasing at the prices available to members of a lower price segment.
20 Tapping this steam would be expensive, since it would require not only extra building materials, but also more durable ones, to cope with the higher pressures and temperatures.
21 The goal is to buy the swaps when such protection is relatively cheap and sell them when debt worries erupt, sending such prices higher.
22 And given that maximum detectable flaw size should you have a PTS event would the reactor vessel fail? Or have a crack provocation such that the likelihood of failure would be much higher.
23 Insouciance seems less likely when the starting point is much higher debt.
24 Make sure the camera lens is at eye level or just slightly higher. Any lower and you'll look like you have a double chin.
25 Yields have since retraced that drop in Britain and bounced higher than before in America. But lots of factors are at play.
26 American TV advertising, which has bounced back strongly from the recession, will rise higher as politicians begin to pour money into 30-second spots attacking their opponents.
27 Some complain that not being able to control a bank forces them to demand a higher return, which will raise the cost of recapitalising the industry.
28 The driving brush is also provided with a handle and a knob which can be dismounted, mounted and prolonged instantly to swap higher parts and far parts which cannot be reached by using the handle.
29 If you wish to define your events at a higher level and let the sender use it for different purposes, specifying a recipient list for every post attempt might be useful.
30 Particulate pollution, a major ingredient of hazy skies, has been linked to higher death rates from asthma, heart disease, and other ailments.