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high note in a sentence

1. However, the game still ended on a high note for Russell.

2. The 1990s began on a high note.

3. He ended the year on a high note;

4. Truex's season began on a high note.

5. I wanted to end my Test career on a high note.

6. He can really go for a high note.

7. The next two seasons did not end on such a high note.

8. Bourne's career ended on a high note.

9. On this high note, Gabriel retired from the Sounders.

10. "We were like, all right, let's end on a high note."

11. "I think Rob's goal was to leave the character on a high note.

12. The film ends on a high note for the reunited lovers.

13. Sebastian James Taylor Label: High Note Int'l Multi-Media Corp.

14. Her vocal trademark is a growl before hitting a high note.

15. McElwain's tenure at CSU began on a high note.

16. The Vandals finished the season on a high note;

17. High Note is a 1960 Warner Bros.

18. It turns out the note (a red-faced "High Note") is drunk;

19. We would like to leave on a high note."

20. Despite the loss, the movie ends on a high note.

21. Iowa looked to end its season on a high note.

22. to end their IWS careers on a high note.

23. Ending on a High Note may refer to:

24. He would hold a high note for a duration of one minute.

25. But I did let out the best high note of my career."

26. Nelson sings the high note during its bridge.

27. The season did not end on such a high note though.

28. begins on a high note that is held with a fermata.

29. In February 2020, the film was re-titled The High Note.

30. It is a high note, fond and deep and sustained."