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1 MEF composes deep object hierarchies of components.
2 Yet even those who ranked highest in the divine hierarchies were hardly more than invisible supermen.
3 event channel deals with event hierarchies by determining the most specific subtype of the event interface subscribed by an event receiver.
4 For example, suppose that your company merges with another company and that you have data replicating between servers of different hierarchies.
5 Strict hierarchies exist in each of the translation groups, with translators being promoted not simply for speed, which is vital, but judged on their faithfulness to the original material as well.
6 You can apply the steps in this article to create your own composed patterns and hierarchies for reusing them.
7 To achieve decent performance, this could require duplication of the data in multiple hierarchies, which could greatly increase the complexity of data management.
8 Because these new pages have been defined in separate page hierarchies, the navigation for the default portal does not include links to them.
9 In future versions, it will become possible to compose LUs into virtual containment hierarchies and the notions of "UML model" and LU will become distinct.
10 In addition to the functions, these databases allow you to create new types and create object hierarchies through the use of table hierarchies.
11 By defining more than one category type, you can now create hierarchies of categories belonging to one category type or another.
12 These hierarchies, sometimes referred to as taxonomies, are usually built by specialists.
13 This command does not compile every file found in either of those hierarchies.
14 They may have served the country well when its population was young and growing, but now it needs to dismantle its rigid corporate hierarchies to allow new people and ideas to emerge.
15 The topic navigation relationships such as navigation hierarchies and related links as magenta arrows.
16 The snowflake model is the result of decomposing one or more of the dimensions, which sometimes have hierarchies themselves.
17 For the dimensions, however, this is certainly not true because the structure of dimension hierarchies can potentially get complicated.
18 Yet they are stillcommitted, in their most basic rhetoric, towards a society that breaks down hierarchies and aims, even if imperfectly, towards equality as agoal.
19 But complex swarm systems with rich hierarchies take time to boot up.
20 Those final few words above your name are where relationships and hierarchies are established, and where what is written in the body of the message can be clarified or undermined.
21 You will look for files that need to be copied and create any child subdirectories necessary in the target so the hierarchies will match after the copy.
22 His theories spawned a vogue for "child-centred learning", accelerating in the 1960s into a challenge to school hierarchies and a carelessness about exams.
23 no magic shortcuts to designing dimension hierarchies; it requires working with your business users and understanding their data.
24 Organizations often categorize their data in several ways, so you may need to account for multiple independent hierarchies.
25 Static crosscutting lets you plug in common behaviors across a system without having to create deep hierarchies, in essence rendering object models more elegant and true to their real-life structures.
26 The consolidated business data can be pre-aggregated along with the hierarchies in all dimensions to reduce the runtime calculation for building the OLAP reports.
27 I can understand this limitation: it's not usually easy to superimpose a regular lattice of information upon an XML document; such is the mismatch between extensible hierarchies and rigid tables.
28 There are some deeper differences under the covers, including the use of two separate hierarchies of components within BCEL — one for inspecting existing code and the other for creating new code.
29 One reason for this acceleration is that company hierarchies are flatter than they used to be.
30 This includes classes, class hierarchies, interfaces, fields, properties, methods and delegates, datasets, hash tables, and so on.