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1 Likewise, the relationship between the viewer and the viewed, which on the web is egalitarian-we're all just nodes on a network-becomes much more hierarchical in a gallery.
2 is imagined as sovereign because the concept was born in an age in which Enlightenment and Revolution were destorying the legitamcy of the divinely-ordained, hierarchical dynastic realm.
3 decomposed snowflake structure visualizes the hierarchical structure of dimensions very well.
4 For larger clusters, a hierarchical approach is needed, with the management node being connected to two or more service nodes and the compute nodes being provisioned from the service nodes.
5 It was also hierarchical and distributed.
6 controller is modeled as a hierarchical finite-state-machine from which a behavioral VHDL description is generated automatically. The device is prototyped using a FPGA-based emulating system.
7 It provides pages with hyperlinks that enable you to move up and down the hierarchical tree.
8 Rather than treat XML documents simply as "things" in the file system, I can pretend that the hierarchical nodes of an XML document look much like a hierarchical file system.
9 Devices can be hierarchical in how they are linked together, and some devices have both physical and logical representations.
10 mapping table is a common construct that allows you to map one hierarchical structure to another.
11 The reporting examples include simple tabular reports, two styles of hierarchical drill-down reports, cross tabs, and several GDI + charts.
12 The allocation process is again done in a hierarchical zoned way, with each major application requesting a block of addresses from its controller.
13 To better handle DOORS modules, you can do a hierarchical analysis that captures the entire object hierarchy for modules that do not allow clear identification of sections and requirements.
14 This logic is encapsulated within the Process Brokers as modular components that can be composed into hierarchical business processes.
15 of the big challenges in data centers-especially as new architectures affect their hierarchical layers-is arranging high-speed connections to accommodate cabling lengths.
16 XML is a powerful medium for content, as it turns your documents from a mash of text and objects into a sortable, adjustable, hierarchical collection of pieces.
17 Because we're moving through huge change Our perception of the world is changing from a hierarchical world ruled by order moving into an interconnected world shaped by chaos So what does it mean?
18 We have chosen to use the book as the subject, not the author so the subject applies to the hierarchical scope below where we define it.
19 This hierarchical display includes only the objects in your verification point.
20 You'll not see this haughty and hierarchical as privatism, but you pouring yourself out and being friends with anybody, not put on AIRS.
21 A computer language can be viewed as a hierarchical tree of language constructs.
22 If they follow the hierarchical model, they solve one problem very well.
23 Unlike other side-by-side mapping tools, the mapping table does not provide full mapping power of any hierarchical structure to another.
24 Object databases (ODBMSs) in some ways go back to the hierarchical model.
25 In theory, it ought to work for any hierarchical system: language processing, for example.
26 Adding an ORDER siblings BY clause which is only allowed in composition with the hierarchical query clause and will return the siblings in the predefined sequence.
27 Hierarchical file systems and file-naming conventions are good, but they only go so far; sometimes you just need to find a document that contains certain information.
28 process view is the hierarchical set of process elements represented in and displayed by the process content tree in the view pane, and associated with a particular role or major category.
29 With additional work, however, the bottom-up approach can support hierarchical data models and, therefore, should not be automatically dismissed.
30 Best practice: Although you can create all three stores under a single organization, there are benefits to defining a hierarchical organization structure that matches your business requirements.