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heritability in a sentence

91. The extent of the asymmetry in natural selection depends in part on the heritability of the adaptive traits.

92. Heritability measures the fraction of phenotype variability that can be attributed to genetic variation.

93. For example, Peter Schonemann has criticized methods for estimating heritability developed in the 1970s.

94. He has also argued that the heritability estimate from a twin study may reflect factors other than shared genes.

95. The heritability of the desired trait being bred for (such as a hypoallergenic coat) needs to be known;

96. This pre-Darwinian belief in the heritability of acquired characteristics does not accord with modern genetics.

97. The heritability of the desired trait being bred for (such as a hypoallergenic coat) needs to be known;

98. The degree of heritability to ICD is similar to other psychiatric disorders including substance abuse disorder.

99. The commonly cited heritability, h, is meaningful only in the context of the independent effects model.

100. In a Norwegian twin study, the heritability of self-efficacy in adolescents was estimated at 75 percent.

101. Twin studies are a helpful tool in determining the heritability of disorders and human traits in general.

102. Heritability estimates have been found to be high for general cognitive functions but low for memory itself.

103. If some of the risk is due to gene-environment interaction the 90% heritability estimate may be too high;

104. In contrast, studies of other populations estimate an average heritability of 0.50 for general cognitive ability.

105. IQ heritability increases during early childhood, but whether it stabilizes thereafter remains unclear.

106. A meta-analysis of most twin-studies conducted found a combined heritability of 46% for psychiatric disorders.

107. Balanced translocation in a parent increases the risk for recurrence and heritability within families (figure 3).

108. seminal work on the heritability of parenting behaviors (the genetics of the environment for children);

109. The heritability of these morphological traits ranges between 0.33-0.90 for males, but is lower for females.

110. The 'missing heritability' problem was named as such in 2008 (after the "missing baryon problem" in physics).

111. "Heritability was estimated at 73% in a community sample of 6-year-old twins, with higher rates in girls."

112. on the other, its reform principles were tempered by a belief in the heritability of criminal behavior.

113. The heritability of the desired trait being bred for (such as a hypoallergenic coat) needs to be known;

114. Still, for a majority human genetic diseases, less than 20% of heritability is explained by known variants.

115. and genes in the relevant functional categories only modestly contribute more to heritability than other genes.

116. Epigenetic modifications play a role in the development and heritability of these disorders and related symptoms.

117. He received the 2015 Ruth Stephens Gani Medal for his research on the "missing heritability" of complex traits.

118. Despite the environmental effects on IQ, heritability still plays a bigger role in determining overall IQ.

119. the petiolule latex yield and the latex vessel number in lateral veins or midribs have a greater heritability.

120. Culm length and its CRI were affected by a few major genes, and these traits had high narrow-sense heritability.