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heritability in a sentence

31. High heritability does not imply that all of the heritability is genetically determined;

32. Yet heritability may differ in other circumstances, for instance environmental deprivation.

33. The concept of heritability has been helpful in making this distinction.

34. Heritability estimates of insomnia vary between 38% in males to 59% in females.

35. Heritability is specific to a particular population in a particular environment.

36. In practice, all human behavioral traits vary and almost all traits show some heritability.

37. Weinberg also estimated that the heritability of twinning itself was close to zero.

38. Throat color in side-blotched lizards is genetically determined, and has high heritability.

39. Notable twin studies have attempted to shed light on the heritability of autism.

40. Speed of processing had the highest heritability in this particular study.

41. Psychiatric disorders show substantial heritability according to twin studies.

42. Heritability is the proportion of phenotypic variance that is inherited from our ancestors.

43. For him heritability was phylogenetic, not ontogenetic as their letter suggested.

44. He elaborated upon those arguments in his 2005 book, Making Sense of Heritability.

45. Different studies are done to estimate heritability and increase selection efficiency.

46. This heritable variation is estimated from heritability studies based on monozygotic twins.

47. LOXL1 was responsible for "all the heritability" of PEX, according to one source.

48. Heritability plays a role in both personality and individual experiences.

49. Research suggests that heritability can influence life satisfaction to some degree.

50. Additionally, nociception tests can be used to test the heritability of nociception itself.

51. Similar heritability estimates were obtained for a flock of Texel sheep.

52. This could be due to the genetic heritability of genes related to obesity.

53. For example, it can be used to examine changes in heritability over aging and development.

54. This could be due to different heritability of dental vs. cranial features.

55. however, heritability cannot be fully explained by classical Mendelian genetics.

56. The data would be used by Sewall Wright for path analysis of heritability issues.

57. For example, they have been proposed as an explanation for missing heritability.

58. But perhaps we need to look again at the evidence for these high levels of heritability.

59. heritability itself is a funny thing that isn't as heritable as people often imagine.

60. heritability of N content in grain and leaf and N utilization efficiency were high.