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1 Results in Ankang experimental station, these mental retardation population caused by non-specific mental retardation and endemic sub-clinical cretinism, have heritability of 86.
2 heritability of myopia is as high as 89 percent, indicating that myopia is determined by genetics.
3 In swarm systems with heritability, individual variation and imperfection will lead to perpetual novelty, or what we call evolution.
4 Much of modern ADHD research has focused on heritability of the condition, and indeed evidence suggests that genes may account for as much as 70 percent of hyperactivity and inattention in children.
5 appears from reading the paper that the participants in this study are also those reported in the previous studies on emotional intelligence and orgasmic heritability.
6 High heritability traits such as grain number per panicle and weight per thousand grains can be improved synchronously by limited backcrossing in breeding procedures.
7 with the increase of QTL effect, the relative advantage of the MBLUP improved correspondingly, especially in the case with low heritability and high QTL effect.
8 Heritability had a greater influence on QTL mapping by CIM and MIM, but a little by im, especially the estimates of QTL effects.
9 But perhaps we need to look again at the evidence for these high levels of heritability.
10 heritability itself is a funny thing that isn't as heritable as people often imagine.
11 the heritability of IQ rises with age--that is to say, the extent to which genetics accounts for differences in IQ among individuals increases as people get older.
12 Despite the environmental effects on IQ, heritability still plays a bigger role in determining overall IQ.
13 high heritability in both the amylose contents and the swelling power.
14 If the influence of the home environmental risk factors depends on genotype, as suggested by these results, genotype-environment explains the large heritability for asthma and related disorders.
15 Heritability estimates depend on comparing the similarity of a trait for identical versus fraternal twins, and will be increased if gene-gene interactions are involved.
16 Studies comparing identical with non-identical twins have helped to establish the heritability of many aspects of behaviour, and examination of DNA has uncovered some of the genes responsible.
17 For most traits, however, these don't seem sufficient to explain away the substantial heritability estimates that are found for traits such as height, reading ability and sensation-seeking.
18 heritability of N content in grain and leaf and N utilization efficiency were high.
19 two sets of values appeared to be strongly linked, supporting previous findings of heritability in decreased thyroid functioning and its relationship to long life, they say.
20 Familial clustering is extensively documented, and twin studies carried out in different countries and cultures show a high degree of heritability.
21 It requires that there is competition for resources, variation in the attributes of individuals of a particular species, and heritability of those attributes from generation to generation.
22 The genetic improvement of a trait depends on both the heritability and the variation of it.
23 essence of path analysis of selection index is analysis of correlative heritability between traits and aggregate genotype.
24 Colonial buildings(culture)have always been a component part of tourism attractions. However, few discussions have been held theoretically in terms of tourism resources and cultural heritability.
25 of estimation of heritability depended on the true heritability and incidence of the trait directly.
26 correlation coefficient and heritability of body composition and anaerobic power were estimated by heredity statistics.
27 We do not imply that adequately measured quantitative characters will invariably yield high heritability estimates.
28 obtained the formula of hybrid synthetic index combining genetic distance with heritability.
29 the petiolule latex yield and the latex vessel number in lateral veins or midribs have a greater heritability.
30 Results showed that the characters with high heritability are amylose content, seed shape, seed longness, chalkiness rate, brown rice rate and milled rice rate.