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herdsmen in a sentence

1. Herdsmen with Cows(c. 1645)Dulwich Picture Gallery.

2. Most are herdsmen and Muslim.

3. Landscape with Herdsmen Gathering Sticks.

4. Herdsman (plural herdsmen) can refer to:

5. Both were left to be brought up by herdsmen.

6. He is said to be patron of herdsmen and their herds.

7. ikecokok – herdsmen;

8. They are used by tribal herdsmen to graze their cattle.

9. It had four clans of herdsmen tending livestock.

10. The Slavs were farmers and herdsmen.

11. Around the camel, herdsmen fought a mock battle.

12. In general, most of rebels were common herdsmen.

13. Some villages hire herdsmen to oversee the village animals.

14. Although the herdsmen fought back, all were killed.

15. The Slavs were farmers and herdsmen.

16. For centuries, Turkmens lived as nomadic herdsmen.

17. Malchin (Herdsmen), music by D.Battömör, 1985;

18. They are mostly kept by Fula herdsmen.

19. The Slavs were farmers and herdsmen.

20. The Bilhorod Tatars (20,000-30,000) were nomadic herdsmen.

21. They were semi-nomadic herdsmen, shepherds and farmers.

22. “The itinerant herdsmen are Fulani.

23. The fruits are eaten as a snack, particularly by herdsmen.

24. The herdsmen are a huge security threat to this country.

25. He discusses his own documentary Herdsmen of the Sun.

26. It seems that they were basically herdsmen.

27. Herdsmen are rigging up a Mongolian yurt as a new domicile.

28. Do you see the Kazak herdsmen over there?

29. We started off with the herdsmen.

30. The herdsmen camped themselves on the grasslands.