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herds in a sentence

1. There were many herds and flocks.

2. Dominance is important in the herds;

3. The dog herds him into the tunnel.

4. (3) V-shaped herds;

5. Pigs are herds.

6. sometimes herds of 100 are observed.

7. Bachelor males form separate herds.

8. Older males form bachelor herds.

9. They travel in herds.

10. It may have lived in herds.

11. Herds of sheep.

12. it is solitary and forms no herds.

13. One was for herders and herds.

14. Herds of cows supplied milk.

15. Elephant herds are a common sight.

16. Herds of deer roamed the park.

17. Herds of deer roamed the park.

18. There were also dairy herds.

19. there were also horse herds.

20. Herds of Elephants, Spotted Deer.

21. Akbuzat led herds of horses.

22. Herds are generally sedentary;

23. Large herds of deer are common.

24. Herds are always in need of fodder.

25. The buffalo herds had gone.

26. the number of breeders or herds;

27. There are small herds of Puku.

28. the number of breeders or herds;

29. The Ents are tree-herds;

30. The muzzles of drinking herds;