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herbivorous in a sentence

1. Pygmy hippos are herbivorous.

2. D. mawii is entirely herbivorous;

3. They are primarily herbivorous.

4. It is herbivorous.

5. Swamp rabbits are herbivorous;

6. These snails are herbivorous.

7. Antelope are herbivorous mammals.

8. Maiasaura were herbivorous.

9. The queen conch is herbivorous.

10. They are primarily herbivorous.

11. Leopard tortoises are herbivorous;

12. It is nocturnal and herbivorous.

13. It was herbivorous;

14. Maras are largely herbivorous.

15. The tadpoles are herbivorous.

16. Zonitoides nitidus is herbivorous.

17. This species is herbivorous.

18. It is presumably to be herbivorous.

19. Sheep are herbivorous mammals.

20. Fiji iguanas are herbivorous;

21. This species is herbivorous.

22. Its diet was herbivorous.

23. Giraffes are herbivorous animals.

24. The desert hare is herbivorous;

25. It is herbivorous.

26. Accordingly it is herbivorous;

27. It is also herbivorous.

28. They are herbivorous.

29. The camel is a herbivorous animal.

30. Deer are herbivorous.