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her wish in a sentence

1. She was cremated, as was her wish.

2. Mater Gloriosa grants her wish.

3. The Lord then asks Satarupa of her wish.

4. So Hetel grants her her wish.

5. With a heavy heart, Karl fulfills her wish.

6. If so, her wish was shattered;

7. Hence, to satisfy her wish I got married."

8. Her wish is to raise her puppy.

9. Gi-tae agreed to her wish.

10. Riva finally got her wish to be free.

11. Her wish is granted;

12. The king, reluctantly, fulfills her wish.

13. According to her wish, she was cremated.

14. Her wish came true.

15. The fairy grants her wish.

16. Violy gets her wish.

17. Her wish came true and he appears.

18. He refuses to accept her wish.

19. Oswald agrees to her wish.

20. But her wish comes with a price.

21. and make her wish come true.

22. Her wish fulfilled, Padma attains salvation.

23. The Sibyl System grants her wish.

24. Collins finally acquiesced to her wish.

25. The teacher helps her fulfill her wish.

26. he grants her wish by immolating her.

27. her wish was met.

28. However, she couldn't fulfill her wish.

29. she died after the king granted her wish.

30. fulfill her wish to marry a gipsy man.