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her wanderings in a sentence

1. The Muses fixed the middle string, Linus the string struck with the forefinger, and Orpheus the lowest string and the one next to it. They took it back to Apollo, but the god, who had decided to stay away from music for a while, laid away both the lyre and the pipes at Delphi and joined Cybele in her wanderings to as far as Hyperborea.

2. Leto was threatened and assailed in her wanderings by chthonic monsters of the ancient earth and old ways, and these became the enemies of Apollo and Artemis.

3. If we follow little Alice in her wanderings in the "Wonderland", we will soon see that the fairy-tale absurdity has solid historical ground.

4. The extravagant hilarity displayed at the festivals of Demeter in Attica was traced to her, for it is said that when Demeter, in her wanderings in search of her daughter, arrived in Attica, Iambe cheered the mournful goddess with her jokes (Horn.

5. 'The Song of Albion', with lyrics by Thomas Moore speaks of her wanderings.

6. Responsible for all of Elisabeth's ornate hairstyles, she generally accompanied her on her wanderings.

7. He indulged her wanderings, but constantly and unsuccessfully tried to tempt her into a more domestic life with him.

8. she subsequently wrote a book about her wanderings, Myne Omzwervingen en Beproevingen Gedurende den Oorlog (1903), which was translated into English as "A Woman's Wanderings and Trials During the Anglo-Boer War" translated by Lucy Hotz, and published in London (1903).

9. In the course of her wanderings, Psyche comes upon a temple of Ceres, and inside finds a disorder of grain offerings, garlands, and agricultural implements.

10. and her wanderings and the happy ending.

11. The Eye of Ra was invoked in many areas of Egyptian religion, and its mythology was incorporated into the worship of many of the goddesses identified with it. The Eye's flight from and return to Egypt was a common feature of temple ritual in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods (305 BC – AD 390), when the new year and the Nile flood that came along with it were celebrated as the return of the Eye after her wanderings in foreign lands.

12. He accompanied her in her wanderings, traveled several times as far as Holstein in connection with her exceedingly confused affairs, and returned to Amsterdam to see to the publication of her complete works, to which he prefixed a thoroughgoing defense of her and added a translation of the Göttliche Gesicht of Hans Engelbrecht, the Brunswick enthusiast.

13. In the next April she left her opera entirely, and resumed her wanderings.

14. 'Her powers were undiminished, her taste unimproved.' She next continued her wanderings on the continent.

15. In her wanderings, she hears and later encounters two strange aliens who are planting and arming suspicious devices throughout the ship.

16. The first single, "I.C.U", was followed by a video directed by Antoine Carlier, reconstituting her wanderings through Paris.

17. Bertha Phillpotts possessed a lively personality and an intrepid spirit, as the following tribute by a Cambridge colleague shows: Is there another woman head of a College, who not only is a yachting expert, but has had distinguished professors for her disciples in the art of sailing? On her first visit to Iceland a pony was the sole companion of her wanderings;

18. When Demeter, on her wanderings in search of her daughter Persephone, came to Misme in Attica, the goddess was received kindly, and being exhausted and thirsty, Misme gave her something to drink (a kykeon).

19. Egypt Mons is named for Egypt, because that is the place where Io ended her wanderings in the mythology.

20. In 1985, the International Astronomical Union officially named the mountain after the Danube River, one of a number of places the mythological Io passed during her wanderings.

21. It was the people she met that provided the background for the songs on Back to the Night, for example, the song "No Love For Free" being about the prostitutes Armatrading encountered on her wanderings around the Bronx.

22. One scholar has written of Califia that it is designed to lead the reader "to discover the lost cache of California through her wanderings within the story space".

23. With sculpture and drawing, Linda Armstrong's "Collecting Excursions," investigated Southern natural habitats and, hopefully, encouraged viewers to re-create her wanderings.

24. In her wanderings, Bullitt came to Seattle and decided to stay in 1951.

25. Her articles on that, as well as her wanderings for the next five years, made her name well known to the readers of the Boston Transcript.

26. Throughout her wanderings, she met fellow prostitutes of every sort.

27. The various artistic testimonies that she created of her wanderings among the warehouses, sheds and cargo ship form a portfolio of swiftly completed and confidently contoured charcoal drawings that express Elster's artistic temperament with stark clarity.

28. A girl named Jenny once told me about her wanderings in the world of Lose-Win during her eighth-grade year before she finally broke free.