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her daughters in a sentence

1. Both her daughters took the veil.

2. Her daughters survive her.

3. Whitney adopted both of her daughters.

4. One of her daughters was named Galla.

5. Her daughters outlived her by one month.

6. Babita left Randhir with her daughters.

7. Two of her daughters are autistic.

8. Anupa was one of her daughters.

9. Her daughters also became well-known.

10. This was hard for her daughters to keep.

11. three of her daughters became nuns.

12. Most of her daughters became teachers.

13. Her daughters left descendants.

14. her daughters were with other relatives.

15. Her daughters often performed with her.

16. CeCe calls her daughters irresponsible.

17. Her daughters were with her and crying.

18. One of her daughters died in 1765.

19. Reed had all her daughters make).

20. Her daughters were Noura and Nouf.

21. Burford and her daughters.

22. Burford and her daughters.

23. She was survived by her daughters.

24. Her daughters also sided with her.

25. Her daughters also took his name.

26. Val. with her daughters.

27. run by her daughters from around 1865.

28. Her daughters would eventually marry;

29. Her daughters married rich white men.

30. Her daughters also sided with her.