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her cloaca in a sentence

1. This exposes her cloaca, and with it exposed, the male can attempt copulation by trying to insert his grasping tail.

2. He then inserts one of his claspers into her cloaca, where it remains for 60–90 seconds.

3. He then guides her over the spermatophore so she picks it up with her cloaca.

4. On occasion this leads to mating, in which the male curls his body around the female and inserts one of his claspers into her cloaca.

5. Once the female is in position, the male inserts one of his claspers into her cloaca.

6. The spermatophore sticks to her and the sperm cells swim inside her cloaca, where they attempt to fertilize her eggs.

7. Fertilization is internal and occurs after a male lemon shark holds a female, bites her, and inserts his clasper into her cloaca.

8. Males court females with a ritualised display and deposit a spermatophore on the ground, which the female then picks up with her cloaca.

9. When successful, they guide the female over a spermatophore they deposit on the ground, which she then takes up with her cloaca.

10. The female will then pick them up with her cloaca and store them in a small specialized gland, a spermatheca, until the eggs are fertilized.

11. Between 6-12 eggs come out of her cloaca successively, whose sticky surfaces will clump together on the bottom surface.

12. The female may also rub her cloaca on nearby rocks while rocking to and fro.

13. If the other tortoise is a female, she will move away and the male will follow, touching her carapace and occasionally sniffing at her cloaca.

14. The ritual ends with the male guiding the female over the spermatophore, which she then takes up with her cloaca.

15. He then attaches a spermatophore to the substrate, which she will retrieve into her cloaca.

16. A female that encounters such a spermatophore might take it up into her cloaca or simply eat it if she is not receptive.

17. The female is fertilized by means of a spermatophore, a sperm-containing cap placed by the male in her cloaca.

18. thus secured, he then twists the distal portion of his body to insert a single clasper into her cloaca for copulation.

19. Once he has a grip, he wraps his body around hers and inserts one of his claspers into her cloaca.

20. Also, after the female gives birth, she releases pheromones that are most likely believed to be produced in her cloaca;

21. He then attaches a spermatophore to the substrate, which she will retrieve into her cloaca.

22. He transfers spermatophores to her cloaca from his cloaca, sometimes with the aid of his spurs.

23. He proceeds to hold her round the flanks and uses his toes to stimulate her cloaca.

24. Once a male is selected by a female, he will climb onto her back and release his sperm into her cloaca.

25. She brings the sperm through her digestive tract to her cloaca, where her eggs meet the sperm.

26. A spermatophore, approximately 4 mm high is deposited on the ground in the females path, which she picks up with her cloaca.

27. They grab the eggs with their mandibles and gently pull them away from her cloaca, the orifice of her reproductive tract.

28. He inserts his claspers into her cloaca and these form a tube through which the sperm is pumped.

29. During mating the male mounts the female and inserts his penis into her cloaca facilitating the passage of sperm into the female.

30. The resulting stress causes her cloaca to open, and aids the male in inserting his hemipenis.