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No. sentence
1 In production code, you would not want that; but for early testing, something like what I do is helpful.
2 might be helpful to have certain dialogues fade in and out or to overlap sounds with dialogue.
3 If they can't tell you anything helpful, ignore them and find another place within yourself that supports you, reminds you of your competencies, and encourages you to persist in your dreams.
4 We show in this section that both terms are ambiguous and not helpful in describing the nature of the service bus or the integration layer.
5 As I read in this thought provoking article, how helpful was security for the people in Japan who were hit by the Tsunami recently?
6 There is some debate, however, as to whether results on individual tests of specific abilities may be more helpful than results on tests of broader factors, like general intelligence.
7 overrun with people who are kind and helpful, and four of them are heavenly, handsome firemen.
8 Use Positive Language (Body and Verbal) – You can use positive language skills to exhibit yourself as a helpful, constructive person rather than a destructive, disinterested one.
9 The application shows owners how to treat minor ailments with helpful videos, illustrations and detailed articles on subjects like cuts, choking, poisoning, bandaging and more.
10 Recommendations like these can be helpful in minimizing the need to perform model synchronization, but they will not totally eliminate this need, which leads us to an alternative approach.
11 When you read through this section, it will be very helpful if you have the code in front of you, so you can reference it as it gets discussed.
12 which is designed to bring helpful insects into London parks and just won the city of London's "Beyond the Hive" competition.
13 Wicket also has a few more helpful implementations, including breadcrumbs, a feedback panel, and many of the funny stuff found in dynamic HTML, such as tabbed panels and dialogs.
14 It's not only nutrient-rich and helpful for digestion, Borba says, but it's also moisturizing and "will give your skin that extra glow, as it actually hydrates your skin from the inside out."
15 My user testing made me realise that it would be helpful to have a tutorial video.
16 It would be helpful to analyze what search phrases are bringing people to your site.
17 It will be helpful to think of rolling two differently colored dice, like a red die and a blue die.
18 Honey citron tea on weight loss so there is very helpful.
19 The currency also remains helpful in taking the steam out of the swollen trade surplus, which has been a political problem in relations with big trading partners.
20 By investigating how the blind brain rewires itself to compensate for lost function, the researchers hope to discover new information that can be helpful to patients recovering from stroke.
21 They would be dominated not by the best, most relevant and helpful websites, but by whatever businesses cracked the mystery code and slid their site onto page one.
22 Our intention is not to replace the documentation and tutorials in the help system of the workbench but to complement those instructions with additional helpful tips.
23 Some familiarity with the constructs of the C programming language is helpful, but it is not required.
24 Homework continues to be assigned - in ever greater quantities - despite the absence of evidence that it's necessary or even helpful in most cases.
25 It's helpful to write down all of your weekly and daily obligations, chores, and tasks, and then plan out daily and weekly routines.
26 While some of these tools offer helpful data at a basic level, what matters most is how you use the data they provide.
27 If you can't find what you're looking for, you can open up a chat window and talk to guides, most of whom are helpful and polite.
28 Pegging another person as helpful or harmful is crucial when choosing friends. And that ability starts early.
29 It might feel weird at first to talk to someone you don't know about personal feelings, but it can be really helpful to hear about how other teens in your situation have coped.
30 With the help of five career experts, MainStreet compiled the necessary tools to help you give your best interview, plus some helpful hints on how to land an interview in the first place.