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No. sentence
1 He'll need help to bring the computer down.
2 I thanked him for his help.
3 With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles.
4 He would not stir a finger to help you.
5 She disdained all my offers of help.
6 I looked around to see if someone could help me translate but everyone had a phone on each ear.
7 If you will bear all this, I will help you.
8 If you ask him, he will help you.
9 I should be glad to give you any help if you reveal your thoughts to me.
10 People who suffer from allergies can sometimes be given injections to help desensitize them.
11 She fears that without an occasional dose she will go back to the drinking problem she left behind 14 years ago with the help of the banned drug.
12 Anyone can comment on these ideas or, even better, help with the implementation.
13 In educating our children, we should help them to understand things, not to pump things in.
14 He says they need your help.
15 She depreciates all our efforts to help her.
16 Help fix it," one boy says.
17 Your customer should fix missing data in their data source, but they might ask for help.
18 jaws of a vise help it bite the work.
19 I can contrive without your help.
20 They want any witnesses of the accident to come forward and help them with their inquiries.
21 These tools not only help you with IBM products but can help you with your own applications as well.
22 The report highlights many such examples of strategies, ideas and actions that have led to improvement and may help others to meet the commitment for all schools to be sustainable schools by 2020.
23 You should be able to support accurate planning and scheduling with the help of the architecture by analyzing the complexity and risk factors inherent in the components.
24 From previous studies, it's known that SP causes inflammation and is used by the brain's neurons to help send white blood cells to injured areas of the body.
25 I quit therapy because my analyst was trying to help me behind my back.
26 Such templates help in the validation of the requirements by inducing the analyst to provide more complete information.
27 Kim and Rick search Dan's room for information that could help her find Teri.
28 You won't get tan from it, but the light helps replenish the Vitamin D and help with seasonal affective disorder. ... If you're worried about it or have questions about it, talk to your doctor.
29 Since much of the migration process is manual, hopefully these articles help you in the migration process and also in making decisions on what course to take before and during the migration.
30 How to use Wireshark to help to create a protocol fuzzing framework?