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hellbender in a sentence

1. The origin of the name "hellbender" is unclear.

2. the hellbender absorbs oxygen from the water through capillaries of its side frills.

3. Unlike most salamanders, the hellbender performs external fertilization.

4. The disease has been detected in all Missouri populations of the Ozark hellbender.

5. Amphibians found in Virginia include the Cumberland Plateau salamander and Eastern hellbender.

6. The endangered Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) also lives in the river.

7. The legendary hellbender inhabits the range's swifter streams.

8. Zeke recorded Hellbender in 2017, 13 years after their last full LP 'Til the Livin' End.

9. Notable species of salamander include Jordan's salamander and hellbender.

10. Smithville got its first and only tattoo establishment called Hellbender Ink Vintage Tattoo.

11. The Hellbender, is very different from the other two boats.

12. A sequel, Hellbender, was released in 1996.

13. The game contains assets from older Terminal Reality games, like Hellbender and CART Precision Racing.

14. The Hellbender has no inertia and thus cannot crash.

15. The levels in Hellbender are composed of a few missions that take place on eight different planets.

16. With the help of Maddy, She-Hulk breaches Lady Hellbender's ship, releasing the horde of monsters.

17. With the help of Maddy, She-Hulk breaches Lady Hellbender's ship, releasing the horde of monsters.

18. He played guitar in the punk band Hellbender for 6 years beginning his senior year of high school.

19. Examples include the hellbender salamander and the Lake Titicaca water frog.

20. And in April 2016, in his new triple Salvage Custom rig, he also added the Deep Trip Hellbender.

21. Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, hellbender.

22. North Branch Mehoopany Creek is too small to support viable hellbender populations, even at its mouth.

23. There is currently no critical habitat designated for the Ozark hellbender.

24. Wild Ozark hellbender populations are dominated by these older and larger individuals.

25. The Ozark hellbender became a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act in 2001.

26. Human and livestock waste from the areas surrounding hellbender habitat have further decreased water quality.

27. Recreation in Ozark hellbender habitat also harms populations.

28. Additionally, direct removal from the environment has contributed to the decline of the Ozark hellbender.

29. The decline of the Ozark hellbender was first recognized in the 1990s.

30. Both USFWS and State agencies have enacted laws and policies to aid in hellbender protection.