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heavy rains in a sentence

1. Heavy rains may inhibit fruit production.

2. A 4WD vehicle is needed after heavy rains.

3. Heavy rains fell in parts of Minnesota.

4. The heavy rains also damaged crops.

5. Over 30 days with heavy rains per year.

6. Trails flooded after heavy rains.

7. Weather was poor with heavy rains.

8. Flooding happens only every heavy rains.

9. Flossie's heavy rains left 75 people dead.

10. it failed in 1916 following heavy rains.

11. The bus crashed into water at heavy rains.

12. Tanakpur is the city with heavy rains;

13. The region is prone to heavy rains.

14. This tornado was followed by heavy rains.

15. The heavy rains claimed about 75 lives.

16. Due to heavy rains &

17. Heavy Rains caused equipment issues.

18. Lodging also occurs due to heavy rains.

19. Heavy rains are common in summer.

20. Dahiwel gets very heavy rains every year.

21. Both sides were hampered by heavy rains;

22. In 1979, heavy rains damaged the interior.

23. Everyone had been hampered by heavy rains;

24. Heavy rains resulted in flash floods.

25. The polling day was marred by heavy rains.

26. Heavy rains extended into Guangdong.

27. Heavy rains impacted several islands;

28. Heavy rains will flood the entire street.

29. Heavy rains in Guilin flooded the city;

30. Heavy rains flooded the Narmada river.