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No. sentence
1 The grapes are ripening, the apple trees are heavy with fruit.
2 Four large columns upheld the building's heavy roof.
3 On the boat, there was a heavy box at which he heaved onto.
4 Heavy snow is sifting onto the ground.
5 Alas! The heavy day!
6 The heavy bag weighted the pupil to one side.
7 The crane lifted the heavy stone from the ground.
8 The postman flopped his heavy bag down for a short rest.
9 His heavy boots cumbered him in walking.
10 The heavy wheels churned the earth into mud.
11 A plenty of heavy work angered her wound.
12 Such a heavy load would stagger an elephant.
13 The heavy expenses involved in his marriage celebration cancelled out the possible pleasure he'd have.
14 heavy steel doors mocked the attempts of the thieves to open the safe.
15 The oversight issued in heavy losses.
16 We plodded wearily up the road carrying heavy packs.
17 The fruit was so heavy that it weighed the branches down.
18 In the future, robots will supersede human beings for very heavy work.
19 He was crowned heavy weight boxing champion.
20 He hefted the box and said it was not too heavy.
21 The heavy guns pounded away at the walls of the fort.
22 The invading troops began to retreat after suffering heavy casualties.
23 Heavy work callused his hands.
24 as heavy as lead.
25 Not only because they generally have shopping with them for the market, but because they are often on the heavy side.
26 Quietly he walked towards her, past her, and on towards the heavy oak door.
27 It was the sound of boots, heavy hobnail boots.
28 The job entails bringing in layers of soil and sand, then compacting it with heavy machines.
29 Gray hair, a face with deep furrow on brow and cheeks and around the mouth, and a heavy body.
30 We passed between the heavy columns and into the museum.