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No. sentence
1 On hearing the news, she made off.
2 A short way off stood the dining hall,where I found a tree hearing snore-white blossoms so graceful and soft to the touch,Viewed together from the distance, they were as beautiful as a bridal veil.
3 hearing what I said, he shaked his hand and some wine swashed out of the glass.
4 From what we're hearing, HP wants to create a seamless experience for all of their hardware.
5 She boarded one of the last lifeboats which contained just five passengers and seven crew members, whom on hearing the screams, refused to go back to search for more survivors.
6 I shall never forget hearing her singing that song.
7 two women were numbed when hearing the voice of Mikle Jackson.
8 Hearing the words, he trembled with anger.
9 hearing aid helps to overcome defects in hearing.
10 Suddenly they seem to be hearing something from far away.
11 Part of it was hearing what she was going to do to me next, and part of it was the idea that I was actually granting her favors, like she wanted it so badly but needed my okay.
12 These determine the threshold of hearing.
13 What matters is that women do not like hearing about other women.
14 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.
15 We look forward to hearing from you soon.
16 One teacher said she never speaks English in front of her children, so that they get used to only hearing Mandarin from her.
17 I played guitar and loved to sing, but nobody liked hearing me.
18 The first man said, was the second personal hearing, and he said, now the third and the fourth individual personal against a two side, and only one side, then follow the two together.
19 I guess," I say, not really feeling all that comfortable hearing the secret of someone I hardly ever talk to.
20 eyesight; the other is hearing. I take advantage of both.
21 hearing this story still cause me to yell at my radio?
22 I enjoy moaning about bad science in films as much as the next physicist, but you can be certain that no one enjoys hearing it!
23 Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing: these are not our only senses.
24 She did not attend the hearing and was not represented in court.
25 Hearing it by this distant northern sea.
26 Wild animals in particular need to have excellent senses of smell, sight, hearing and even the ability to sense minute vibrations, because those senses help them survive.
27 Speak up because what you have to say is worth hearing.
28 The boys, who had been told in advance that they would not be jailed, smiled shyly as they entered the courtroom at the start of today's brief hearing.
29 One theory has it that our memory can be jogged by hearing a word that sounds similar.
30 We do know, however, that nature has set up some very delicate hearing mechanisms for its creatures.