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No. sentence
1 He found someone on him.
2 He saw you and I.
3 He winked at me.
4 I approached him, but he motioned me away.
5 He smiled at me.
6 He should be in my house now.
7 He beckoned me in.
8 He emphasized its importance to me.
9 He described the scene to me.
10 He ordered us out of the house.
11 He urged me to go with him.
12 He decided to go do it.
13 He bustled her out of the hot house.
14 He refused to concert with them.
15 He used me worse than ever.
16 He screwed out of the house.
17 He stated his views to me.
18 He hung up my coat.
19 He besought her to go at once.
20 He denuded her of clothing.
21 He tends towards my opinion on this matter.
22 He would not knuckle down under their pressure.
23 He explained the problem to me.
24 He ordained us not to talk.
25 He entrusted his money to me.
26 He sucked at his cigar and then agreed with what I said.
27 He netted the support of all of us.
28 He bet on that horse.
29 He took a dictionary from the desk.
30 He took down a dictionary from the top shelf.