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No. sentence
1 Ten days ago, I received some pretty harsh criticism.
2 As a novel of race and the effect that the harsh colonial experience had on both oppressor and oppressed, Doris Lessing's "the Grass is Singing", published in 1950, is still unlikely to be bettered.
3 Sometimes the languid sea rose over him and he dreamed longs dreams; but ever through it all, waking and dreaming, he waited for the wheezing breath and the harsh caress of the tongue.
4 When talking about cooperation agreement, they held out several harsh terms.
5 I felt deeply that I had to take the ring to the Jacksons myself; mailing it seemed harsh and irreverent.
6 Over this time period the harsh and irritating compounds in garlic are converted naturally into stable and safe sulfur compounds.
7 If you grew up with harsh criticism and ridicule and impatience, then be sure to compliment, love, and exercise patience with your children.
8 In harsh northern climes, mountain cherry trees develop a tough, fibrous bark that can be easily peeled horizontally, but is extremely strong vertically.
9 With one tent for himself and another for his camera gear, he felt like a minuscule creature out there alone amid thousands of square miles of harsh wilderness.
10 The layers of cloth not only protect from the harsh sun and wind but also conceal their emotions.
11 I watched her fly off of her bike and skid several feet along the harsh pavement.
12 handled puzzle pieces that werecovered in sandpaper rated the interaction as more adversarial and harsh thanthose who had handled smooth pieces.
13 was his ear. The harsh dry tongue grated like sandpaper against his cheek.
14 True professionals are much more harsh with their peer review because they have an individual interest in refusing competitors the privilege of being published.
15 the harsh environment, at least one person in each household suffers from diseases like rheumatism, stomach complaint and gynecological disease.
16 This is where the easy abstractions of the design phase give way to the harsh practicalities of real execution environments.
17 I always feather my selections slightly to avoid harsh transitions, here I choose 0.5px as a value.
18 This sort of innovation is a response to harsh times in the pub industry.
19 will also be essential to increase its resilience by protecting a wide array of life forms with unique traits, such as plants that survive drought or livestock that reproduce in harsh conditions.
20 mind creates harsh realities, it conjures up a fearful future and dreadful past.
21 Gentle words - One of the greatest lessons we can ever learn is that a harsh attack does not require a harsh response.
22 harsh fluorescent lights, dozens of heads bend over keyboards, the clattering unison of earnest typing filling the room.
23 On the harsh desert terrain, horses are preferred to bicycles for the daily job of counting and herding animals.
24 Piers instructed me to be both patient and quite harsh: the branches that aren't fastened back need to be lopped off in order to concentrate all the energies into the others.
25 Nutcrackers with poor memories did not likely survive the harsh mountain winters.
26 Sin is a harsh tyrant in your life. But Christ not only died for our SINS, He died to sin.
27 Ethiopia is Africa’s only big country with a non-presidential parliamentary system; sadly, it has lapsed into harsh authoritarian rule under Meles Zenawi.
28 Living in the Welsh Valleys, their struggles of working for the English owners of the harsh iron industry are turned into a captivating tale of the passions and hopes of a resilient community.
29 of fines or harsh collection tactics - and we could potentially do that - could essentially restrict people's access to the library.
30 Sterling looks especially vulnerable in the harsh new world that dawned after the credit crisis.