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No. sentence
1 The violin was out of harmony with the rest of the instruments.
2 In meditation, we allow this harmony to percolate to every layer of our existence.
3 Yoga seeks to bring harmony across all levels of our existence, from the body, breath, mind, spirit, etc., and unite them in harmony.
4 fire consumes the offerings accompanied by the sound of firecrackers, god accepts the gift, indicating that there is harmony between nature and people.
5 Use this philosophy in all aspects of your life to bring everything into harmony.
6 we may see aparable in the Persian rug. The people of Iran love bright colorsand made their rugs in a harmony of rich hues like a greatcathedral window.
7 Each of the limbs of yoga plays a unique role in promoting harmony.
8 The beauty of flames lies in their strange play, beyond all proportion and harmony.
9 The episode wraps with a rare sense of family harmony.
10 His long narrative poem Venus and Adonis borrowed from Ovid's Metamorphoses exhibits Renaissance humanists' advocacy of desire to reason and ultimately attaining harmony of the two.
11 The couple dwelt together in harmony and concord.
12 A reality of harmony and love is waiting for you; it is your inheritance and many of you will taste this even in this lifetime.
13 We must ensure that tourism develops in harmony with the environment.
14 Steady, controlled, in harmony with your heartbeat and the rhythms of your other organs.
15 Harmony is a measure of civilization.
16 We need to learn and fulfill the international responsibilities time has endowed on us and contribute to building harmony and prosperity in the world.
17 To address the well being of different layers of our existence and unite them in harmony, the practice of yoga comprises different segments or "limbs," as described in the classic yogic literature.
18 I discover in what perfect harmony the old woman behind the cashier's register was with the antique shop.It can very well be a trick employed to attract customers.
19 Still, he came to admire the sweet-and-sour mix of harmony and dissonance in Stephen Sondheim's intricate songs.
20 should be our constant and earnest endeavor mutually to cultivate a spirit of concord and harmony among the various parts of our Confederacy.
21 Only after all that time was able to excel at stripping the aged wine aroma and taste coordinated harmony is so fascinating and difficult to replace.
22 Sometimes we experience great mood swings: from excitement to depression, from joy to sorrow, from inner harmony to inner chaos.
23 All peace-loving countries are obligated to help these two great nations to remove their hate and fends, live in peace and harmony and develop side by side on this great land.
24 Also, each sari is billowing out in the same direction, and the women are evenly separated, which adds to the sense of harmony.
25 wedding party, the bride and the bridegroom expressed that they would live in harmony and mutual respect and grow old together.
26 Justice flows outward from this harmony, and is directed towards other people through ACTS of charity and kindness.
27 you represent the harmony between tradition and progress.
28 the other hand, if certain gestures are rehearsed, such as those made to impress others, there is a tendency to separate the posture and the movements. The harmony disappears.
29 There is something in this holiday which appeals to everyone. That is, warmth, love, care, union, harmony and dedication of mankind.
30 He and his followers made important contributions to number theory and to the theory of music and harmony.