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No. sentence
1 Of course we must highlight that the system can hardly be inaccurate.
2 Hardly a week passes without someone publishing a book on the subject. Most are rubbish.
3 I can hardly bear to see him suffering so.
4 The first time I was there, I hardly noticed the yard.
5 While they can hardly be called secrets, for some reason people either do not understand or they underestimate the power of these ideas.
6 Consideration for others does not, with most children, arise spontaneously, but has to be taught, and can hardly be taught except by the exercise of authority.
7 I can hardly imagine such a scene.
8 ONE could hardly think of an unlikelier trophy for a billionaire businessman than Newcastle United Football Club, which has won no significant competition for decades.
9 Such imitative sincerity is hardly unusual in China's Internet sector, which is dominated by locally based companies that have successfully transplanted the services of web pioneers elsewhere.
10 In that country one can hardly get a job without any pull.
11 I was frozen stiff after sitting so long and could hardly walk.
12 So many pupils rushed for the trolleybus that I could hardly get off.
13 He couldn't have weighed more than 150 pounds, but while working in his yard he carried around big chunks of flagstone that I could hardly lift.
14 I guess," I say, not really feeling all that comfortable hearing the secret of someone I hardly ever talk to.
15 She stepped back, hardly able to believe her ears.
16 Kate could hardly believe that he would dare come on to her like that.
17 I can hardly receive him in the present case.
18 They suggest that the macroeconomic effects of the tsunami, though hardly negligible, will not be devastating and will not last very long.
19 He was so shocked that he could hardly bring out a word.
20 His legs were so weak that he could hardly stand.
21 Seeing her poker face, we can hardly tell whether she's angry or not.
22 But he'd hardly glanced at it.
23 The concern, of course, was hardly disinterested.
24 Growing up in a Christian home, steeped in "true love waits," at one time in my life I hardly could grasp what a test of purity would look like.
25 The ladies drape their arms over the back, stretch out their legs, tuck up their feet - hardly conventional poses for noblewomen of the 1690s.
26 Of course! 'replied the uncle, with a hardly suppressed grimace, resulting from his deep aversion to both the proposed visitors.
27 Of course, Word is hardly the only program that behaves atrociously in the face of malformed files.
28 to find this place, wasnt it? Hardly worth while to come so far, though; any other supposititious place would have answered just as well; hey?
29 I throw it. It goes about twenty yards - hardly a threat to a running antelope.
30 The era privileged elegance and wit in its music above almost all other qualities, and Haydn, despite his rustic origins, was hardly lacking in either.