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hard labor in a sentence

1. Later, he finds Joshua, who has escaped hard labor.

2. Several days later they were put to hard labor.

3. Hard labor See section 118.

4. They performed hard labor.

5. Both men were sentenced to five years hard labor.

6. He was sentenced to six months of hard labor.

7. He was sentenced to thirty years' hard labor.

8. He was tortured and forced into hard labor.

9. He was sentenced to one year of hard labor.

10. This was later revised to 25 years hard labor.

11. She sentences him to hard labor.

12. They sentenced her to 30 years of hard labor.

13. they were sentenced to long terms of hard labor.

14. Jones was imprisoned and sent to do hard labor.

15. He spent four months doing hard labor at Birkenau.

16. She was sentenced to six years at hard labor.

17. He was sentenced to twenty years of hard labor.

18. In 1886 hard labor was commuted to life.

19. The pay for their hard labor was minimal.

20. Jews were forced to perform hard labor.

21. HARD LABOR by Stephen H. Randall, CAT VII, 1968.

22. sentences were either hard labor or deportation.

23. Pennsylvania established a hard labor law in 1786.

24. Paved roads required hard labor and funds;

25. Many men find themselves working in hard labor.

26. Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

27. On 1 June this was commuted to hard labor for life.

28. He was sentenced to katorga (hard labor) for life.

29. Hard Labor Creek may refer to:

30. Hard labor may also refer to: