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No. sentence
1 Now the hard winter has gone, we can cast off our winter clothing.
2 A hard piece of work exacts patience.
3 These sorts of issues are very hard to test for because they generally only occur when an application is under heavy load.
4 This kind of beetles have hard shell.
5 He's a hard man, nothing could hold him back to come to the club in time.
6 Media companies may have to swallow hard before tethering their futures to any high-tech company, let alone Apple.
7 After years of hard work, she has finally arrived in her field.
8 We have had some successes and failures, and they expect us to work hard and meet those challenges.
9 It was a hard journey but his ship eventually reached a continent.
10 Our customers have told us they don't want to download music to their work computers or phones because they find it hard to move music around to different devices.
11 Since the system was installed on a separate hard drive away from precious storage, the system can be reinstalled on the same hard drive without touching the devices associated with the share.
12 He worked so hard that his boss liked him very much.
13 He liked his job at large and worked hard.
14 It will be hard to do this while holding down energy prices.
15 a hard day's work and when we stopped for supper I was ready to chow down.
16 Such an offence shall be punished by detention in prison or at hard labour.
17 Al decided he had to be there for his family during his son's long, hard recovery, a decision I understood and admired.
18 This new machine will emancipate us from the hard work.
19 Violet Lim, co-founder of dating agency Lunch Actually, agreed Singapore's fast-paced lifestyle has made it hard for couples to connect.
20 She has to work hard to feed and clothe her family.
21 But cutting costs can be hard.
22 If they push too hard for revenue in the short term, they might drive away users, undermining a network.
23 fact, I find she is very modest and always says that she did not study hard in college and her English is extremely poor.
24 customers want to use your safe because safes are hard and expensive to get and some -and then you've got all this gold, so you might as well lend it out.
25 a Western-centric view of the world, it can sometimes be hard to remember that not everyone owns a smartphone.
26 LAURENCE: I worked really hard for 12 years, and because of that, I missed everything-the kids' birthdays, games, etc.
27 There might be a few that have low data volumes etc which can use it – but it is hard to imagine this catching on with big SAP shops.
28 He found it hard to break the cigarette habit.
29 He was puffing hard when he jumped on to the bus.
30 Working hard to enter an honorable profession should make any loving family proud.