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No. sentence
1 The best brandy!" ) It is harassment.
2 When a principal asks a boy to leave his handbag at home, is the request an attempt to protect a student from harassment or harassment itself?
3 First, I will not tolerate harassment or any other form of misconduct.
4 The worry is that the balance in France leans against public disclosure to such an extent that few victims of harassment by powerful figures dare speak out.
5 Women are also more likely to face stigma and discrimination than men, including harassment, abuse, violence, and lack of rights to productive assets and other property.
6 January's launch of BBC Persian TV infuriated the Iranians, whose harassment forced the closure of the British Council offices in Tehran.
7 Dissent can result in harassment and long prison terms.
8 Can Herman continue to be Herman in the face of the harassment allegations?
9 And there were a number who dared to speak up risking dismissal, harassment, or imprisonment.
10 A State Department spokesman said Friday Vietnam has released prisoners, reopened churches and banned forced renunciations of faith, and that incidences of harassment and abuse are down significantly.
11 Despite online vilification and real-life harassment, he is trying to sue internet sites for defamation. Victims of the internet mob still have a glimmer of hope.
12 Now, with the help of an inventive lawyer, the young woman known as Amy - her real name has been withheld in court to prevent harassment - is fighting back.
13 Opponents want the government to fire those responsible for doctoring economic statistics, and to cease its harassment of the private sector.
14 Posting defamatory content online — whether on sites like Facebook or elsewhere on the Internet — can also constitute harassment.
15 Harassment and intimidation.
16 The couples, who will hold their protest on March 26, are demanding a special area where they can meet without harassment from nosy police officers or inopportune hawkers.
17 disputes with Russian partners led to Dudley fleeing Russia in 2008, citing "sustained harassment" amid court battles, and labor and tax inspections.
18 Persistent mating attempts" from males can harm the delicate females, so Dr Ide thought the females might close their wings as an harassment avoidance strategy.
19 a Senate subcommittee summoned the President of General Motors to explain his company's harassment - and obliged him to apologize to Nader.
20 The harassment potential of this technology in the hands of vigilante stalking gangs is obvious.
21 In Germany a senior detective specialising in cybercrime in Frankfurt am Main, Birgit Roth, says that Internet harassment is present in some 40% of stalking cases that her force investigates.
22 Mike Proctor, a detective based in California with over 20 years of experience in dealing with stalking cases, says that more and more include internet harassment.
23 The couple's bank accounts were frozen. Gameela was sacked from her job and subjected to years of harassment as she campaigned for his release.
24 In other words, if your actions are misunderstood and suddenly you become the victim of harassment, earlier examples of flirtatious behavior may make you seem complicit.
25 The first step to civil rights for cross dressers is not to have to fear firing or harassment if our transgender status becomes known.
26 Japan's Fisheries Agency said that Japanese whalers have suspended their operations since Feb. 10, pointing to harassment from the anti-whaling environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
27 Two stalkers try to sneak into the terran expansion for harassment, but a newly-built banshee is able to fend off the attack because of careless control by the protoss player.
28 DON: It's a disclaimer that indemnifies me against any charges of workplace impropriety, harassment, or ACTS of God should we ever enter into a "consensual romantic arrangement."
29 harassment and arrests and beatings of refugees as they attempted to enter," Smith said.
30 The government seems also to have used bureaucratic harassment to get a privately owned television channel to sack its star presenter, Tomasz Lis, who was a trenchant critic.