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No. sentence
1 This is perhaps one of the product's most useful features, ensuring that users are informed of what is happening at every step of the application launch procedure.
2 If investors were trading securities based on the chances of these things happening to both Alice and Britney, the prices would be all over the place, because the correlations vary so much.
3 If investors were trading securities based on the chances of those things happening only to Alice, they would all trade at more or less the same price.
4 But he added: "the revival is happening at different levels of society, with some [Confucian theorists] having a much more critical way of thinking."
5 when I die, my death will be happening through me, not to me.
6 I waited, I became aware of something happening in the house.
7 Four different stages of a church with different kinds of divisions happening and, therefore different, kinds of Christianity developing due to these divisions; very possible.
8 With this brief description and the comments in the code, you should be able to follow what is happening in the function.
9 I walk through some of the major functions in the boot chain and explain what's happening.
10 we all knew something was happening when we heard the unmistakable striking of typewriter keys.
11 As with the mountain bark beetle, it is not entirely clear why this is happening.
12 may already be happening in Canada, where recent warm winters have unleashed a plague of bark beetles, and in Australia, whose forests have been devastated by drought and forest fires.
13 Maybe we would have stayed home and none of this would be happening.
14 But what struck me was how calm everyone stayed even while it was happening.
15 you'll be saying, somehow deep in your heart maybe unconsciously or semi-consciously, why is it happening?
16 But the biggest innovations aren't only happening in Detroit and Yokohama.
17 The average person would perhaps not notice, but to the trained eye and ear there is plenty happening.
18 It took a long time to reach that decision, and then, after all this period of nothing happening, I was suddenly commissioned to write four Dr Whos and the next five Hitchhikers all at once.
19 There is something to this—but not because of what is happening in America.
20 But how do you simulate a phenomenon that is happening on us, with us, through the action of each of us as much as those of entire oceans and the high atmosphere?
21 How do you prevent this from happening?
22 But there are steps we should take to prevent that from happening in the first place.
23 So let me remind you of what's happening. Satan flies out of hell.
24 We're not completely sure how they conveyed over the intercom that what was happening was a seizure, but we're assuming the words "Wow this is quite an epileptic seizure I'm having" were uttered.
25 So if this universe in the middle is just sitting and nothing’s happening there, then how exactly are these universes with arrows of time popping off of it?
26 For this to have a chance of happening, more Numbers will have to be crunched, and planetary atmospheres analysed for signs of oxygen.
27 However, what's actually happening in the life of many professionals is not amusing at all.
28 If I didn't understand what was happening, an explanation would come. But no teacher spoke.
29 The Gross National Happiness looks at the quality of life, how much leisure time you have, what's happening in your community, and how integrated you feel with your culture.
30 that is just what is happening in Greenland, whose relatively warm and wet sheet is on course to melt completely, bringing the prospect of a sea-level rise of perhaps seven metres.