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No. sentence
1 The pattern in this case is that when the first transaction reads a row it will "stamp" it with the identity of the user, similarly to how pessimistic session locking is handled (covered next).
2 This section reviews some of the Out of Office agent problems handled by our support team, and offers some tips on troubleshooting these issues.
3 The trivial differences could be handled with simple conditional branches (" if account is new, then... ") in the workflow.
4 Most of the time all of these problems can be handled with herbs that move Qi and blood, including general pain or syndrome pain like fibromyalgia.
5 Each exceptional condition is handled by displaying a message.
6 I believe the Tian an incident should be handled in this basic spirit.
7 handled puzzle pieces that werecovered in sandpaper rated the interaction as more adversarial and harsh thanthose who had handled smooth pieces.
8 First, it is crucial to understand feelings -how they work and are handled or mishandled.
9 These tasks can be handled by three different computers, or you can set up all the applications on just one system.
10 This is often handled by the translation agency or third-party specialists because, generally, these specialists are equipped to deal with multiple languages.
11 your puss a bit catty, the sort to scratch and hiss when handled?
12 Sir Michael might have handled a difficult brief more deftly. But his departure is nonetheless a problem for the BBC.
13 On page level we can test if every panel is visible and if the communication between them is handled properly.
14 My colleagues were jealous but I handled it by working harder than any of them.
15 Further, his supervisor, al McGartland, also a career employee of the agency, received a reprimand in July for the way he had handled Dr. Carlin.
16 The cartons lined with plastic sheets are waterproof, and as the boxes are made of cardboard, they will be handled with care.
17 Technicians must be dispatched to address problems that cannot be handled remotely.
18 If these issues are not handled well, the benefits of generic types can easily be outweighed by decreases in expressiveness and robustness.
19 If a is pressed, a sublist containing the cities starting with a is returned; J cities are handled in the same way.
20 Once this request has been handled and a response sent back, this chunk can be unloaded - nothing need remain in memory.
21 Should the new exception supersede the earlier exception that has not yet been handled?
22 Which begs the question, what kind of events are encountered, and how should they be handled?
23 They stressed that swine viruses are common in pigs, and there was no need for consumers to stop eating pork as long as it's handled properly and cooked thoroughly.
24 On its first day it handled 5,726 lots of Brent (each lot, or contract, is 1,000 barrels), over a third of the volume in the IPE's new morning electronic session.
25 All my correspondence is handled by my housekeeper.
26 This may be distribution across a cluster of homogeneous servers, although that is normally handled by the infrastructure of the cluster itself.
27 It accustoms a horse to being handled and helps to desensitize ticklish areas.
28 The tasks can be handled by three different computers, or you can set up all the applications on just one system.
29 She watched a series of horror films, went to a reputedly haunted house and to an exotic pet store - where she handled dangerous snakes and asked to handle a tarantula.
30 The flow between processes and applications is better handled with a WSFL flow engine and even best with BPEL, not with a state diagram.