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hampered in a sentence

1. A lack of coal hampered Looff's efforts;

2. illness also hampered his training.

3. Poor weather hampered search efforts;

4. Other complications hampered the flight.

5. it also hampered their steering ability.

6. Injuries hampered Fryman in 1999.

7. Rain hampered most of the day.

8. Further progress was hampered.

9. Both men were hampered by injuries.

10. He was hampered by knee injuries.

11. The show was hampered by mixed reviews.

12. Shooting was hampered by incessant rain.

13. This patrol was hampered by heavy seas;

14. A spur on her heel hampered her dancing.

15. Wallwork was hampered by his late start.

16. Both sides were hampered by heavy rains;

17. His career was hampered by injuries;

18. Electricity production was hampered.

19. The search was hampered by local fog.

20. The efforts are hampered by firedamp.

21. Injuries hampered much of his career.

22. Rain and wind hampered play;

23. The MCB was hampered by lack of funds;

24. The storm hampered rescue attempts.

25. Poor weather hampered Hmong progress.

26. His 2015 season was hampered by injury.

27. it is hampered by none.

28. Events were hampered by rainy weather.

29. A leg injury hampered his 1960 season;

30. The snow hampered my movements.