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1 In parts of Southeast Asia, early experiments in paying landowners for preserving forest have been hampered because it is often unclear who owns, or controls, property.
2 But as Edwards’s tale progresses, it becomes clear that, for all Google’s praiseworthy qualities, the company is hampered by a narrow perspective and an insular culture.
3 But relief efforts were hampered by destroyed roadsand bridges, water logged airports and other disrupted lines of communication.
4 Both hampered I love others, also missed the others "love", in a sad isnt?
5 Medical personnel were arriving on helicopters but boats bearing aid have been hampered by bad weather around the islands, which are about half a day's journey away from the port of Padang on Sumatra.
6 excessive "public support test" that hampered eligibility will be scrapped.
7 Thanks to the country's mountainous terrain, landslides hampered transportation and rescue efforts.
8 Mr Rooney, however, is hampered by the characteristic English vices of insubordination and petulance.
9 These hampered his last stint in power, from 1998 to 2002, and seem to have worsened since then.
10 Almost a decade later, the development programme remains ongoing, hampered by cost overruns and complex technical challenges.
11 Such polarized views have hampered our ability to draw important conclusions.
12 Rajoy is hampered by the country's system for handing over power, which takes a month, and the impatience of markets that sent the cost of Spanish debt higher on Monday morning.
13 U.N. officials say relief and rescue efforts have been hampered by poor weather conditions, with helicopters in the northwestern Swat Valley grounded on Friday.
14 Almost 3.6 million people nationwide need emergency assistance, among them 1.5 million Somalis displaced by violence and hampered by a fifth-consecutive season of drought.
15 The snow hampered my movements.
16 The conscious process of trying to do the right thing is hampered, and the unconscious process is free then to increase its sway over your behavior and mind," Wegner told LiveScience.
17 The airline, which hasn't posted a profit since its formation in 2007, said the delays have hampered its growth plans and left it saddled with additional costs.
18 report said the pipeline agency was hampered by a chronic inspector shortage.
19 During the outbreak response, the difficult security situation has continuously hampered surveillance and control activities in the affected areas.
20 also finds that Pakistan's intelligence agencies, including the main army-controlled Inter-Services intelligence (ISI), "severely hampered" investigations into the crime.
21 development of a scientific approach to chemistry was, however, hampered by several factors.
22 Abbas added that the Pakistani military effort in the northwest Swat region is hampered by a lack of what he called "sophisticated" equipment, including attack helicopters and surveillance equipment.
23 And secrecy has hampered the government's ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.
24 Reports said darkness and snow hampered rescue efforts.
25 At least 26 people were injured, some critically. Reports said darkness and snow hampered rescue efforts.
26 Rescue workers struggled to reach the crash site in a hilly wooded area beyond the runway, the network said. Smoke from the plane also hampered rescue efforts, CNN-IBN reported.
27 The government has also been hampered by Mr Calderon's tendency to pick his aides for their loyalty rather than their talent.
28 Scientists who study social networks have long been hampered by one thing: their subjects are not always reliable reporters.
29 Whereas Western companies are hampered by legacy systems and legacy mindsets, they can build their companies around the coming technology.
30 inability to have complete information greatly hampered the function of those central Banks,' he said.