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half-hourly in a sentence

1. A service to Tring is provided half-hourly from Euston;

2. Zora Suleman provided half-hourly news updates.

3. A half-hourly, circular town bus service (route nos.

4. The railway station has half-hourly services from Glasgow.

5. 10 units were required to provide the half-hourly service.

6. On Sundays there is a half-hourly service in each direction.

7. At peak times the frequency is increased to half-hourly.

8. Buses run approximately half-hourly;

9. Southbound there is a half hourly service to Buxton.

10. South of Hazel Grove, the off-peak pattern is half-hourly.

11. Westbound there is a half-hourly daily service to Balloch.

12. There is a half-hourly service at the station.

13. On Sundays there is a half-hourly service to Glasgow.

14. This was upgraded to half-hourly in 1989.

15. Windsor lines still run half-hourly.

16. First hourly and then half-hourly services were introduced.

17. Services are currently hourly (half hourly on weekends).

18. Now services run half-hourly throughout the day.

19. and a half-hourly service between Motherwell and Stirling.

20. Services operate half hourly throughout peak times.

21. By 1880, there was half hourly service to Homebush.

22. By 1880, there was a half hourly service to Homebush.

23. There is a half-hourly service to Tweedbank.

24. this operated a half-hourly service from 4 January 1909.

25. In 1975 the station had a half-hourly service.

26. Air raids occurred at half-hourly intermissions.

27. Buses ran half-hourly.

28. In the rush hour it will extend to a half-hourly service.

29. On weekdays the connections on this line are half-hourly.

30. The S14 stops in Aathal half-hourly.