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No. sentence
1 She trusts her gut and her decision.
2 Right now, in your mouth, in your gut, on your skin, you are carrying about 10 times more bacteria cells than human cells.
3 Here, a chick's gut melds with a numerical simulation of chicken gut development.
4 A gut feeling may help you make a quick decision, but one study credits the digestive system for possibly influencing our mental states and behavior as well.
5 Imagine being able to eat delectable desserts every day without worrying about your it going to your gut, or experiencing sugar crash headaches.
6 When a person drinks the water, the cyclop is killed by the acidity of the stomach and the larva is freed and penetrates the gut wall.
7 When a person drinks the water, the Cyclops is dissolved by the acidity of the stomach, and the larva is activated and penetrates the gut wall.
8 gut and food allergies: Foods like gluten, dairy, yeast, nuts cause allergies if you have a leaky gut.
9 The honey contained blue dye, so that the tint in their gut would later indicate whether the insects had ingested it.
10 Trust Your Gut. If you find yourself e-mailing something you would not want your spouse to know, you are in danger of crossing a line.
11 Although this doesn't mean that this pattern of coding would never occur, it does provide real evidence for its rarity, rather than relying on gut feeling.
12 Also, not all germs are harmful; we need friendly bacteria that live on our skin to help fight off bad bugs, and bacteria in our mouth and gut help digest our food and prevent illness and disease.
13 Don't trust your intuition, gut or hunches. Navel gazing is unprofessional and silly.
14 Nestle is now pushing for a multi-faceted approach, one that targets several key neural signals sent by the gut brain and attacks the satiety problem in multiple ways at once.
15 Whorwell gives patients a brief tutorial on how the gut functions, then gets them to use visual or tactile sensations - the feeling of warmth, for example - to imagine their bowel working normally.
16 happens when you get a strong gut feeling is that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you what it thinks in the only way it knows how, with feelings.
17 My gut reaction was that the Chief was selling himself and prostituting his culture.
18 When somebody asks you to do something and your gut reaction is “no”, pause to examine that “no” and ask yourself, “Am I saying this simply out of fear?
19 What food you eat, when you eat it, and how well it is digested by your gut will all affect the quality of your sleep.
20 In the past few years, a new potential culprit has emerged: gut bacteria.
21 It was this plea that moved the video from being just a game parody but a manifesto for freedom with gut wrenching emotional impact.
22 The normally timid critters became less cautious and less anxious, perhaps because the gut bacteria influenced a boost in a protein that promotes neural growth.
23 the other hand, some developers say athumbs-down could gut America’s offshore wind industry before it everreally gets started.
24 They needed to play on intuition and gut feel as much as calculated precision.
25 But I still catch myself sucking in my gut when I walk past reflective store Windows or biting the insides of my cheeks when someone takes my picture so my face looks thinner.
26 At a town hall in July he described his political style by saying that, as a teenager, he rammed his football helmet into the gut of an opposing player.
27 The Toxoplasma then continues its life cycle in the cat's gut, until it is pooped out.
28 Do you believe that this concept applies to life as well, in that, if we just trusted our gut instincts and never second-guessed ourselves, life would run more smoothly for us?
29 After all, how many daily decisions do we make on the basis of deductive logic compared with those guided by gut feeling, intuition, emotions, impulse or practical skills?
30 Chang thinks of this signal detection as a kind of "bacteriostat" mechanism: our cells are monitoring CSF as a way of detecting and adapting to important changes in the gut flora.