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No. sentence
1 This year, however, the students are guiding the process — not only in deciding what they want to learn but frequently by teaching themselves as well.
2 But guiding treatment by research requires patients to expose themselves to the uncertainties inherent in the statistical nature of research results.
3 His guiding principle has been never to stop learning.
4 Guiding the user through single steps of the application may help him or her to understand what advantages the application offers and if it's useful or not.
5 My hand cupped his elbow to steer him, but he stepped forward unfalteringly, his shoulders squared, his head high, as though he were guiding me.
6 it comes to guiding the behavior of our children, do we rely on punishment or discipline?
7 same time, it suggests a light source on the other side of the hilltop, and the leopard gazes at us warily, as if guiding our way, and equally concerned that we might indeed pursue him.
8 If you own your guiding principle then you own the thoughts.
9 In the above example, there are four experience keywords: caring, humble, conscientious and guiding.
10 So it can be useful to have a set of guiding focuses in your business.
11 His cellmate, Gus, expertly melts a plastic toothbrush with a book of matches, guiding the liquid plastic into the key mold imprinted on the bar of soap.
12 At the end of time, having encountered the savage man who has no guiding principle except violence, Adam is downcast-and understandably so.
13 When it is counteracted by IR interference measures, the field of view within the guiding head also consists of IR image produced by explosion and burning of IR decoy missile or IR smoke shell.
14 In the case of the CRM business process, a UML diagram was created to document the design pattern guiding the creation of any new playbook.
15 This is a guiding principle experiment microcomputer and book outline.
16 However you go about kicking your habits, know that you need some kind of wise, guiding force. I had a secret weapon.
17 We have one guiding principle in the choice of names for services, operations, data types and parameters: we want to maximize the consumability of our service.
18 Your lights continue to radiate such brilliance, they are like beacons blazing into the heavens guiding you to your next step on your evolutionary path.
19 Mock objects mimic the behavior of classes written with the sole purpose of guiding code execution so that it falls within those areas under test.
20 This approach does lead to recognition of the important guiding function of metaphysical outlooks though.
21 Congratulations - from today onwards, your handbook will be your guiding point, your manual to live your best life.
22 The practice of the Party and the people keeps progressing, so should the theories guiding it.
23 Most important of all, we should consciously and determinedly keep pace with the times in the guiding ideology of cultural construction.
24 Obviously, PBOC's policy of guiding the return to normal monetary conditions plays up to the Suggestions and viewpoints of most economics scholars.
25 conceives the development patterns of lowcarbon city in the aspects of general model, guiding philosophy, basic ideas, major areas, etc.
26 We have a Trilateral Strategic Dialogue with Japan and Australia, with Japan and South Korea, and we have informal arrangements guiding cooperation in the Straits of Malacca.
27 is our guiding principle, despite what may be inferred from the vocabulary in the licensing.
28 Ruth Hagan knew the mountain didn't beat them because God was there that night, protecting her, guiding her, breathing strength into her frail body.
29 update the estimated global incidence of Japanese encephalitis (JE) using recent data for the purpose of guiding prevention and control efforts.
30 A guiding principle for any imaging procedure, regardless of age, is that radiation should be limited - or "coned" - to the area being examined.