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1 If the globalization testers can validate the major GVT guidelines and provide feedback to the developers at the early stage, it will reduce the cost of defects.
2 Reporters should follow certain guidelines to reduce the risk of inspiring imitators, he said.
3 We have found some interesting patterns that could serve as guidelines for your next design.
4 There are very strict guidelines that you must follow and if you purchase any of the following gifts, the odds that you won't have a significant other for the 15th are very, very good.
5 It claims that because we drink more water, the guidelines are stricter, and they should not be used in testing for carcinogens and toxins in juices or other foods.
6 So, while the tools can quickly summarize results, our guidelines allow teams to decide how widely those results are Shared.
7 You will then learn how to correct these issues, writing the same code in an unobtrusive way, with guidelines on some best practices for this style of development.
8 What kinds of best practices and guidelines am I talking about?
9 result of these exceptional conditions, we have no guidelines to follow.
10 For the exceptional situations where the optimizer cannot choose an optimal query execution plan, DB2 has added features such as the SELECTIVITY clause and optimization guidelines.
11 the previous guidelines, purchase at least one spare hard disk for each model hard disk you deploy.
12 Iraqi MPs have been wrangling for weeks about the law, and observers, including the US, have been worried that failure to agree on the guidelines may delay the poll.
13 If you continue to violate the very guidelines that are in place, 50 percent of the disputed amounts will be deducted, ” says Mr. Feinberg.
14 If you decide to use traditional, declarative requirements, then the guidelines should explain how to write them.
15 In our ideal set of standards and guidelines, each guideline would have multiple sets of evaluation points, with each set pertaining to a specific platform.
16 Codex Alimentarius Commission meets annually to discuss and adopt international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice.
17 Create guidelines for password creation and circulate it, force users to change their passwords every few months, and limit the number of login attempts allowed in a given time period.
18 Google give clear guidelines here on this and advise the use of 301s in this situation.
19 At the meeting, about 150 experts from governments, WHO and other organizations will work on the final content of the revised guidelines.
20 For cases with sufficient information, we assessed compliance with each of the 12 articles of WHO's guidelines.
21 If any corporate standards exist — such as data naming conventions, user interface design guidelines, programming guidelines, or modeling guidelines — you adopt them at this point.
22 simple example of application of this technique corresponds to general business guidelines like Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation.
23 blood conservation practice guidelines generated under the auspices of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons represents a landmark undertaking, " he said.
24 Objective to investigate the biomechanical characters of human dura and its substitutes and to establish guidelines for selection of optimal repair materials for reconstruction of skull base defects.
25 British nutritionists threw down the gauntlet to dietary guidelines in April by declaring seven daily portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than the recommended five, were the key to health.
26 The goal here is greater security in retirement, so we will set careful guidelines for personal accounts.
27 Talk with your doctor or nurse about the following screening guidelines.
28 However, the guidelines for the sort of information you need to capture can help you define your requirements process.
29 He, too, received a sentence more lenient than the guidelines suggested.
30 But some of the vegetables were grown with chemical pesticides and organic fertilizers. Others complied with Danish guidelines for organic farming.