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No. sentence
1 The growth and ripening process of bananas, however, is different.
2 Alchemical theory was rife with botanical analogies of ripening, growth and seeding.
3 growth of social media can be explained by this identification function.
4 Until recently, the focus was all on "smell": that is, on how cells respond to chemical signals such as growth factors.
5 Growth was held back in 2003 by extensive drought and the gradual winding down of the international presence.
6 But he is also one of the most ardent champions of the idea that cutting budget deficits will itself boost growth.
7 But the company is also cutting its capital expenditure, which will hurt its long-term growth, and selling assets.
8 Excess investment is likely to be wasteful investment, which eventually ends up undermining growth while building up nonperforming loans.
9 So the challenge is to navigate between the twin perils of losing credibility and undermining growth.
10 But it also means that the supply of houses is lagging behind population growth, which will eventually prompt a housing revival.
11 Although Italy had problems, including a revival of the Mafia and a merry-go-round of weak governments, 50 years of rapid growth have made it a rich country.
12 Well, I think the most important thing China can do is to have the policies that maintain its growth.
13 Modern technology catalyzed tremendous economic growth in China.
14 The way to real growth is through lending to investments in the future and consumption based on savings, not out of control credit growth by Banks.
15 growth of microfinance has reduced local politicians' ability to use rural credit as a tool of patronage. That puts MFIs in the firing line.
16 To some extent, the modest uptick in income and standards of living reflects the precipitous growth of the Texas-Mexico border.
17 testing discipline has experienced perhaps steadier growth in terms of knowledge acquisition, theory, and application than the others we've looked at.
18 This is a modest multiple for a good bank in a good economy, but higher than those for South Korean or Taiwanese banks, which do not have the same growth prospects.
19 He needed some guidance in his growth, but his parents died years ago.
20 Mesa foods, a manufacturer of snack foods that currently markets its products within a relatively small region of the country, has strong growth potential.
21 Some economists suggest that over the next seven years Turkey's growth will match or exceed that of any other big country except China and India.
22 Located near the base of the neck, the thyroid is a large endocrine gland that produces hormones that help control growth and metabolism.
23 In that decade, when central and eastern Europe were still part of the Soviet block, Europe suffered low growth and high unemployment caused by two oil shocks.
24 In recent years, Yuxi municipality has focused its investment on infrastructure construction instead of industrial economy, which hinders Yuxi's economic growth.
25 Participants emphasized the importance of seeing significant economic growth in the region before 2020.
26 Valuable personal growth is not quantitative, but qualitative, and you have to force yourself towards qualitative growth.
27 But it also laid the groundwork for nearly three decades of growth and the emergence of new sectors like information technology and biotech.
28 This would better enable us to tackle the current crisis and promote economic recovery and growth.
29 The kinds of packaged organic foods that now fuel the category's growth, such as cookies, baked goods, and boxed meals, also benefit from a similar perception of healthfulness.
30 Fronting water and with a hill at the back, this garden had a dense growth of evergreen trees and formed a "retreat away from the world".