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No. sentence
1 The students were regimented into large groups for military training.
2 It may turn out, however, that some differences both between and within groups are quite marked.
3 nation as a whole was thoroughly polarized into left-and right-wing groups.
4 We are grateful for the support from all of you, whether financial or in the field, as researchers, practitioners, representatives of patient groups, or advocates for patient's rights.
5 Breaking into two groups, we focused on what measurements are important to businesses and practitioners, respectively.
6 The disclosure control method of RFIDIC realizes this suggestion by providing special authorization policy rules that assign the right to execute certain types of queries to certain user groups.
7 Not surprisingly, groups of birds that nest in the canopy of trees declined significantly, while species that nest in cavities or near the ground were affected far less.
8 service pack (SP) contains groups of Program Temporary Fixes (PTF) s for highly pervasive issues.
9 Many of the bird groups with the most rapid declines in the last 40 years inhabit areas with the greatest potential for energy development.
10 America is likely to press harder for Pakistan to tackle other extremist groups on its soil, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is thought to have been behind the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.
11 In addition to being used formally by testers, other groups may use it as well depending on what is appropriate in your environment.
12 You can turn on and off access to any of these groups.
13 excuse is that a tense country with 250 ethnic groups needs a system of patronage to buy peace.
14 More and more investors are coalescing into groups, hopeful of reaching the threshold at which they can instruct mortgage-pool trustees to act against servicers (25% of note-holders in a given issue).
15 Not only are states coming aboard one at a time, but some are joining in groups, as in the West and Northeast, where regional greenhouse-gas trading blocs are being launched.
16 They publicly disavowed any connection with terrorist groups.
17 Noise that we want, because we want to feel part of the group. All of the groups.
18 As with some of the other tribal groups in Yunnan, women carry firewood up the dirt paths and lug rocks at construction sites.
19 Now some graduates, destined for corporate life, have found purpose volunteering to work at nonprofit groups shuttling aid to the newly destitute in the prefectures north of here.
20 Warlords blockaded the ports and created countless checkpoints along our already lethal road, attacking aid groups, intercepting the food, and selling it for arms.
21 The chart was hung in classrooms throughout the country, and millions of children memorized the basic food groups.
22 It also fits neatly with his strategy for achieving that by binding interest groups such as lawyers to his cause.
23 On occasions the subjects of research projects have been target groups like young offenders.
24 Checklists divided by the groups that perform the tasks.
25 the following, all of these these activity kinds are divided into groups.
26 If collapsed containers were bundled together in groups of four, ships could be loaded more quickly, cutting the time spent in ports.
27 The teacher regraded the students into small groups according to ability.
28 RPC runtime provides inquiry routines for elements, groups, profiles and towers, which are accomplished by querying or accessing the name service database.
29 Yet the size of these groups may be misleading.
30 As noted, however, no significant difference in overall survival was seen between the groups, with a median survival period for each of about 26 months.