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grouped in a sentence

91. Utilities are grouped in a central shaft.

92. The remaining 36 are grouped as following.

93. They are grouped by their aggressiveness.

94. PSA members are grouped into five sectors.

95. Super-modules allow modules to be grouped.

96. They can be grouped into several families.

97. It is only grouped by phonemic proximity;

98. All three are grouped into WB Kids Sites.

99. The gun turrets were less closely grouped.

100. Rail services are grouped into two types.

101. These were grouped under the acronym ABLA.

102. They are grouped into seven superfamilies.

103. Project merchandise is grouped together).

104. home series are grouped into homestands.

105. They were grouped with Spain and Poland.

106. The dead are mostly grouped by battalion.

107. The troops were grouped in three armies.

108. Teams are grouped into thirteen Regions.

109. The rivers are grouped by strait or sea.

110. MKPs are grouped into type I, II and III;

111. Chemical rockets can be grouped by phase.

112. ) are more likely to be grouped together.

113. They are grouped by orders of magnitude.

114. The show was initially grouped alongside;

115. MicroRNAs are grouped in "seed families."

116. 1. Students are grouped into two groups.

117. They were grouped together to form zones.

118. The craters are grouped in four clusters.

119. The news was grouped by places of origin.

120. scatters the grouped balls in billiards.