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No. sentence
1 Developing an enterprise SOA middleware requires advance planning about how many SOAs can be grouped together as the middleware application.
2 When you include an appropriate spacer in your horizontal or vertical layouts, your widgets will be grouped together with a section of expansive space where the spring is located.
3 Unload jobs can be grouped together with load jobs in the same project.
4 The family grouped together for the photograph.
5 The goal is grouped into subgoals, each of which is further grouped into smaller units.
6 When a design has low cohesion, it has classes and methods that are not grouped well.
7 group fix pack enables multiple fix packs, refresh packs, or interim fixes to be grouped together for ease of search and download.
8 As a large project, every feature in GIMP is nicely separated, so the code that deals with the same set of features is grouped together.
9 Available chunks are maintained in bins, grouped by size.
10 are grouped into pairs, where each pair manages one of the storage subsystems.
11 When grouped, individuals also remembered which of the others was their task partner. Because an elephant never forgets... who helped it rope a meal.
12 In version 6.1.2, related constructs are still grouped together, but you can select any of them at any time.
13 The last part of this section concentrates on event distribution and illustrates how events can be logically grouped together.
14 Small cottages and farm building grouped like sleeping cattle around a village church, whose pointed tower pointed high into the cold winter air to welcome the morning.
15 We are beginning to express this view as a collection of "essentials" that are, in turn, grouped around a small collection of portfolio management themes.
16 Data structures are grouped together in each dump and then matched and compared across the primary and baseline dump to identify suspected data structures experiencing large amount of growth.
17 It is grouped with the world's most lethal potential biological weapons agents, sharing "select agent" status with the pathogens that cause smallpox, anthrax and plague.
18 Also, the release plan can now be grouped by Activtiy or Assignee.
19 Table 2 shows the results of the inspections grouped according to defect severity.
20 You can create your own space from scratch, or use a template with predefined widgets grouped together by function.
21 Games can be grouped an filtered by platform, genre, or year, and will even aggregate data and display statistics in bar or pie charts.
22 rules are grouped in chains, according to the types of packets they deal with.
23 encryption algorithm and the hash function are further grouped into CipherSpecs.
24 Since V5, messages can be segmented or grouped.
25 I prefer to store style sheets in a different directory because I find is easier to maintain and share style sheets if they are all grouped in one directory.
26 Use grouped options when the number of options is relatively small, and when only one option may be chosen at any given time.
27 Would you ever go back to a store if the store shelves had no labels and items were not grouped together?
28 This phone can be scaled to any size. Easily add your own image to the screen with the included object mask. All objects are layered, grouped and labeled for easy customization.
29 Usually tables are grouped in a table space based on their function relation and access pattern.
30 Show how the data are gathered and grouped to produce UI Distribution of Charges reports.