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No. sentence
1 Working together for two months welded them into a group.
2 His group has printed cells directly into the meniscus of an injured knee to reconstruct it, and at the AAAS meeting, he printed an ear out of silicon in about 20 minutes.
3 Each file can have only one owner and one group.
4 I suggest you start a support group for bankers with a conscience.
5 Suddenly, we noticed another group of rafts coming from the opposite river.
6 right-wing group had already been poleaxed mentally and emotionally.
7 By event group.
8 Identify the factors, both internal and external, that shift the stress of your group dynamic.
9 A group of US embassy staffers left the room, mostly in a jubilant mood — all had passed except for one man, who only got 82 percent correct.
10 mood was jubilant last week as the Burundi government signed a ceasefire deal with its last remaining rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL).
11 When you buy a mutual fund, you are pooling your money with a number of other investors, which enables you (as part of a group) to pay a professional manager to select specific securities for you.
12 Because they think you are funding every kind of anti-western group," I replied.
13 You, as the system administrator, can apply access and permissions for each group for large workspaces rather each member.
14 Gossip -or the fear of gossip -may in this way serve to enforce the social norms that are necessary for any group to exist.
15 This means that we use an age and risk group based approach in line with most other countries that have seasonal influenza vaccination programmes.
16 Still, Mr Brown may be right to question whether doing more for the elderly as a group is a sensible idea.
17 We can also group items together by decreasing the space between them and increasing the space between them and other items on the page.
18 Some friends introduced me to a group ofpeople who were having ‘tax code’ readings and discussions.
19 Mr. Li continued, "Together with the completion of our acquisition of Digital Media Group earlier this year, this contract helps to solidify our leadership position on subway systems nationally.
20 No recipients were specified. Please enter a recipient In a To lIne, or a newsgroup In a group lIne.
21 of whining were found in the Netherlands, Thailand and Ireland, according to the study by the FDS research group.
22 You can group like settings together in a block, and you can nest the blocks to any arbitrary depth.
23 If you want to distinguish users who execute SQL, you can create a separate group, such as a group for users in accounting and one for users in engineering.
24 You can do this by splitting the tables across a group of local servers and another group of remote servers.
25 You have options to search by image content, keyword, or group.
26 Noise that we want, because we want to feel part of the group. All of the groups.
27 Business representatives should also be part of this group.
28 We want to share our feedback and discuss this in the working group.
29 Vietnam demanded that China release nine Vietnamese fishermen it arrested in September near another group of disputed islands.
30 live group used the new "wing of Vision" technology which launched by China Telecom, to complete the broadcast.