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No. sentence
1 Orikawa Yuukichi has watched the town he grew up in reduced to twisted metal and splintered wood.
2 However, it soon grew clear that the hour of emancipation for that little prisoner of the flesh was to arrive earlier than her worst misgivings had conjectured.
3 Scientists also have tried to grow human organs in animals that could one day be transplanted back into humans _ like a mouse onto whose back scientists grew a human ear.
4 In his spare time, which he had much of, he grew grapes on his property and fermented them in one of the outbuildings.
5 Al Monsouri and her 73-year-old husband, Obaid Humaid Abid Muhairi, grew up as Bedouin in the desert and spent their childhoods in tents.
6 of his cultural relocation and assimilation is traced in the 2006 Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary God Grew Tired of Us.
7 Friendship grew between them.
8 Warlords in Myanmar have previously felt the consequences, with gambling dens left to rot in the jungle after borders grew tighter.
9 of One remained a nurturing, matriarchal spiritual culture, while the Aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society, dominated by the upper class.
10 He grew painfully aware that the family was divided in its attitude.
11 Most of the smaller teeth, presumed to be female, showed that these individuals grew up outside the region.
12 face congested with anger as the argument grew more heated.
13 The confusion is all the more inexplicable given that we all grew up playing a game in which a volley was precisely characterised: Heads and Volleys. In that, if the ball bounced it was not a volley.
14 I made the mistake of sitting cross legged on the floor without cushions. My ankle put pressure on my other leg’s shin bone which was a small ache to begin with but eventually grew into a nasty pain.
15 She knows what it is and what it was: an ideal that grew out of an idea, maybe one waiting for its time to come again.
16 In Britain pleasure piers grew from every nook of the coast just as the Empire expanded, and the blare of military bands along their decks echoed the triumphal march of colonisers overseas.
17 snaking tunnels, like Hamas’ contorted diplomatic campaign, grew out of the total isolation the movement faced after it won the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections.
18 The Somali rapper says he suffers "something like survivor guilt", thinking of the people he grew up with.
19 This university grew out of the Women's Normal school.
20 We could plainly hear the tunes speak to us while Akshay Babu and I sat on either side fitting words to them as they grew out of my brother's nimble fingers.
21 He wanted to sculpture when he grew up.
22 I grew her by myself.
23 Some people go away from home for college or a job and find out that not everybody is like the family they grew up in.
24 She found that the plants grew well for almost every type of music except rock and acid rock.
25 This is how the early church grew.
26 Where I grew up they were all grey.
27 If you grew up with harsh criticism and ridicule and impatience, then be sure to compliment, love, and exercise patience with your children.
28 Its money supply grew by about 35% in the year to February.
29 But there will also be problems, despite a golden period in which tax revenue grew faster than GDP.
30 When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never said fireman or astronaut.