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greenhouse in a sentence

121. such periods are known as greenhouse periods.

122. One section was used as an actual greenhouse.

123. This greenhouse is primarily used to grow food;

124. Resistance to Greenhouse whitefly was reported.

125. Greenhouse gases must be reduced 80% by 2050.

126. Grim's Greenhouse is located in Breinigsville.

127. and Studio One with cellist Bernard Greenhouse.

128. They all escape into the greenhouse and hide.

129. It was built in 1800 to serve as a greenhouse.

130. Today, no trace can be found of the greenhouse.

131. Temple Greenhouse was designed by Robert Adam.

132. Madame Cézanne in the Greenhouse, 1891–1892.

133. Growth House - sustainable greenhouse (p. 329);

134. Manteno FFA has a state of the art greenhouse.

135. Harold Mills built a greenhouse the same year.

136. greenhouse heating (103 MWt and 1,176 TJ/yr);

137. It is transmitted by the greenhouse whitefly.

138. Greenhouse was promoted on December 29, 2010.

139. Veal falls off his ladder into a greenhouse.

140. greenhouse gases / Carbon dioxide emissions;

141. In 1880 he added a greenhouse to Spring Hall.

142. a barn; a shed; a greenhouse and potting shed;

143. Two other greenhouse companies, XS Smith, Inc.

144. Sons Greenhouse and founded Chanute Nurseries.

145. Greenhouse thrips have a 10-segmented abdomen.

146. The greenhouse was built with a hundred seats;

147. List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions.

148. Our greenhouse is nothing compared with yours.

149. A grocer built up a greenhouse nearby a gulf.

150. The rooted plantlets grew well in greenhouse.