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1 He thinks the next big meeting, in cancun, Mexico, a year after the Copenhagen summit, is now dead as far as setting targets to cut greenhouse gases - aka mitigation - are concerned.
2 other honorable bills out there that have much to recommend them but fall short because they do not include mandatory greenhouse gas reductions or a price signal.
3 But presently it was set in a greenhouse, where the sunlight fell warm upon it, and water was sprinkled over it, and day by day as it waited, a change began to come to it.
4 cane was the only crop shown to have a favourable balance of greenhouse gas savings and emissions, because it requires less fertilizer than other biofuel crops.
5 According to the analysis by scientists from Oxford University and Amsterdam University, lab-grown tissue would reduce greenhouse gases by up to 96% in comparison to raising animals.
6 Researchers at the algae greenhouse plan to scale up the trial to a 100 hectare (247 acre) site over the next three years.
7 In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: "Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases."
8 Last week, protesters marched on it, urging Congress to cut its own emissions of greenhouse gases and to oblige the rest of America to do so as well.
9 We should be looking at the full spectrum of greenhouse gases produced during food production.
10 Fuel cell vehicles belch out none of the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, but their high cost and a lack of hydrogen refueling stations pose obstacles to mainstream use.
11 Other research shows that frozen methane (a potent greenhouse gas) may bubble up out of the melting Siberian permafrost in volumes that would raise global temperatures by several degrees.
12 Most scientists agree that greenhouse gases have warmed the tropical and southern oceans.
13 Until now, they were not thought to absorb and store significant amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
14 thick glass bottles invented by Dom Perignon lighter, champagne makers will save some 8, 000 metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution per year with future vintages.
15 really chilling thing about the IPCC report is that it is the work of several thousand climate experts who have widely differing views about how greenhouse gases will have their effect.
16 March sowings will spend their life in the greenhouse, while a late batch (there's still just enough time to sow now) will be ready for planting outdoors in June.
17 steed is not trained in a courtyard, nor does a pine grow sturdy in a greenhouse.
18 Although carbon dioxide is the more important greenhouse gas, methane measurements will be a more practical early application to test the market for this sort of data.
19 Conservation of the world's biota, as we know it, will depend upon rapid, steep declines in greenhouse gas emissions.
20 He bounded into office with a mountainous agenda, including plans to overhaul America's health-care system and cut its greenhouse emissions.
21 Direct emissions of methane from cows and pigs is a significant source of greenhouse gases.
22 Our greenhouse is nothing compared with yours.
23 Recycling or reusing these devices conserves materials, prevents air and water pollution, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that occur during manufacturing and processing.
24 Or it might be something driven by a long-term change, such as the build-up of greenhouse gases (or, conceivably, layers of sooty smog).
25 The teenagers in the canteen are keen to see the queen sitting between the green screens in the greenhouse.
26 Many models of ocean chemistry and biology predict that as the ocean surface warms in response to increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases, phytoplankton productivity will decline.
27 Scientists are also worried that, as carbon dioxide emissions rise, the ocean will absorb greater amounts of the greenhouse gas, shifting the chemistry of seawater.
28 Expanded use and production of biofuels will not necessarily contribute as much to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as was previously assumed," the report finds.
29 But these two countries are responsible for almost half of all greenhouse gas emissions.
30 of all this, says the CBPD, is to show you can improve quality of life in the workplace while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.