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No. sentence
1 They used the closely nibbled smooth green spaces as their pitch , the wooden barred gate of the sheep pen as their wicket and the crooks made from willow branches as their bats.
2 Never refrigerate green bananas; the cold ends the ripening process.
3 Round the plate were scented flowers, the blossoms laying on the edge, while the pale green stalks reached thirstily down to the water.
4 You could still find the central rose walk, and the old dyke was white with strawberry blossoms and blue with violets and green with baby fern.
5 Phytoplankton swirled across the Arabian Sea on February 18, 2010, drawn into thin green ribbons by turbulent eddies.
6 The buildings that were built before the age of air conditioners were designed as green buildings-they just didn't call it that," says Peck.
7 landslides are bright streams of exposed earth that contrast with the dark green plants and tan soil around them.
8 Water is black or blue, while plant-covered ground is bright green. Bare earth around the Mississippi River is tan, and clouds are pale blue.
9 Green hats are surprisingly versatile. They look best with tan or light brown suits. But they also accent black, green, and gray suits very nicely.
10 Offshore, a phytoplankton bloom forms a bright green swirl in the ocean water, proof of the productivity that triggers the deadly eruptions.
11 Mr Obama offers a zillion handouts (tax breaks for college and for “patriotic” private firms, $150 billion for green energy, and so on) but no credibly painful plan to fix Medicare or Social Security.
12 But that's not enough for Farrell. A hundred miles northeast of here, a glass-domed temple to winged insects is emerging from a green field near st Albans, like a butterfly from its chrysalis.
13 Whether it's using a local recycle centre or a council-provided green bin, it's never been easier to get your household waste processed back into useful raw materials.
14 Oranges were first grown in Southeast Asia. There were green there then, and today they still are.
15 The new fabric is grown in a soup of green tea, sugar and other nutrients, over the course of several days.
16 Suggestions for poor mountain areas in Chuxiong to develop green industry are put forward.
17 Yunnan Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Mengzi city green grass Nanba village, under the jurisdiction of 4 villagers group, a total of 306 households of 1037 people.
18 Our lawn grass does not green up until the middle of May.
19 The key is allowing lights to switch from green to red in a decentralized, chaotic way, instead of following a regular programmed pattern.
20 Had I smiled and waited like the mother of the green booted boy?
21 It's elegant, enhanced by anything that touches its surface: a bright green pear, roughly chopped chocolate, a pile of toasted almonds.
22 Mom, could you buy me a new green leather schoolbag?
23 That large green leather schoolbag is really cool.
24 Scientists set up several experiments allowing the monkeys to "steal" food from human testers, each of whom dressed in a different color T-shirt and baseball cap — either red, green or blue.
25 Feedback is provided to the user in the form of status bar messages: Green for good news, red for bad news.
26 There will be no green revolution in energy or anything else.
27 They noticed for the first time how her green eyes danced, how deep her dimples were when she laughed, how tiny her hands and feet and what a small waist she had.
28 If a test passes, it is denoted with a green check mark.
29 It was private land, dissected by the driveways, the buck-and-rail fences, the arched gateways of people wealthy enough to have a second home, or a third, on the headwaters of the Green.
30 Eerie and otherworldly, Salar DE Uyuni holds intensely blue skies, red and green lagoons, pink flamingos, smoking volcanoes, giant cacti, hot springs and spitting geysers.