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great terror in a sentence

1. This protected him from the worst excesses of Stalin's "Great Terror".

2. The Indians were filled with great terror ... the trees and wigwams shook exceedingly;

3. The new version was published in 1990 as The Great Terror: A Reassessment;

4. from June to July 1794: la Grande Terreur, 'the Great Terror').

5. "Thou puttest great terror of me in the hearts of their chiefs;

6. The law thus inaugurated the period known as "The Great Terror".

7. The Great Terror may refer to:

8. Tilton was arrested on November 27, 1937, during the height of the Great Terror.

9. 1970) was a senior NKVD assassin working in Europe during the Great Terror.

10. In the late 1930s, Joseph Stalin's Great Terror enveloped the land.

11. Fifi does not appear in Puss in Boots, but The Great Terror looks a lot like him.

12. Chubar was arrested during the Great Terror of 1937-38 and executed early in 1939.

13. "The Great Terror" won the Overseas Press Club's Joe &

14. There they soon suffered badly during The Great Terror in the 1930s.

15. He described many fossil taxa before becoming a victim of the Great Terror.

16. the so-called "Great Terror" had begun.

17. In 1937, his wife ran afoul of the secret police during the Great Terror.

18. In August 1937, Berman's fall began in the time of the Great Terror.

19. Using the Goose as bait, Puss and Humpty lure the Great Terror out of the town.

20. The Great Terror then takes the Goose and Humpty back to the giant's castle.

21. He was re-arrested there during the Great Terror of 1937.

22. It would become the best known poetry work about Soviet Great Terror.

23. Puss tracks down Humpty, who wants the Great Terror to demolish the town.

24. The Great Terror, a giant goose, arrives.

25. The Great Terror then takes the baby Goose and Humpty back to the giant's castle.

26. which she compared to Stalin's Great Terror.

27. In the Western World, this was referred to as "the Great Terror".

28. In the end, like most OMS workers, he became a victim of the Great Terror/Purge.

29. She was shot on 8 February 1938, like her husband a victim of the Great Terror/Purge.

30. Eventually Levien fell victim to the Great Terror.