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great cost in a sentence

1. this lesson was learned later at great cost to the Stuka crews.

2. The brief encounter comes at great cost.

3. Haussmann was also criticized for the great cost of his project.

4. Standing combat air patrols were possible but only at great cost.

5. The British eventually took the Ridge at great cost.

6. Until, finally, somebody walks away, at great cost."

7. Theobald IV was able to repulse the attackers, but at great cost.

8. War will no doubt come at great cost.

9. He kept the helicopters on hold at great cost.

10. However, all come at great cost.

11. 2nd Platoon, B Company had survived but at great cost;

12. Patches of territory were won or lost only at great cost.

13. Victory was achieved, but only at a great cost.

14. The present site cannot be saved except at great cost."

15. The problems of innumeracy come at a great cost to society.

16. Kronrod's participation came at great cost.

17. The sabotage mission is successful but at great cost;

18. The guild hall took sixteen years to build at a great cost.

19. While the Packers had an 11–1 season, it was at great cost.

20. However, peace always comes at great cost.

21. Badajoz was not taken until March 1812, at great cost.

22. Nevertheless, the raids continued, at great cost to both sides.

23. hath bestowed great Cost &

24. But the Albanian victory came to a great cost.

25. Alcatraz succeeds, but at great cost.

26. But his success came at a great cost.

27. Toungoo's foothold in central Burma had come at a great cost.

28. Without the dragon the mages easily win but at great cost.

29. The system had great cost savings for the Post Office.

30. Megan finds can only recover him at a great cost.