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grassroots in a sentence

1. grassroots media initiatives;

2. participatory, grassroots democracy;

3. Manute stood for grassroots reconciliation."

4. The Grange is a grassroots organization;

5. From its grassroots beginnings, Roots &

6. CDT's grassroots advocacy reversed the tide.

7. The Vermont Grassroots Party formed in 1994.

8. Grassroots Marketing.

9. grassroots media initiatives;

10. (...) I would rather stick with my grassroots.

11. elite versus grassroots movements;

12. grassroots communication;

13. The sport's grassroots popularity was waning.

14. Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.


16. BEST GRASSROOTS EVENT 2000trees Festival.

17. Wolfe ran a Grassroots campaign.

18. This is grassroots rugby.

19. He has been a grassroots political organizer.

20. The Grassroots Party nominated Dennis Peron.

21. I am as grassroots as it comes.

22. and (3) Grassroots Lawyering.

23. MAD is a not-for-profit grassroots operation.

24. Some of its work is grassroots activist work.

25. Iambakey was a grassroots organizer.

26. They started a nationwide grassroots movement.

27. Grassroots outreach is a major focus of THL.

28. Grassroots Movements as Global Actors;

29. They are a purely grassroots organisation.

30. But at the grassroots things are murkier.