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1 Perhaps you have a grass-roots story of overcoming adversity, or you're bringing a product or service to an underserved market.
2 If she prints some flyers, calls some meetings and urges her neighbours to write to their state representative demanding change, she has to register as a “grassroots lobbyist”.
3 A few grassroots organisations are trying to impart such knowledge, but their efforts remain largely unrecognised – or worse, are seen as inaccessible.
4 But his compromises and the failings of Senate leaders to overcome the resistance of their obstructionist colleagues have destroyed much of the grassroots enthusiasm that existed a year ago.
5 There can be little doubt that the Obama campaign skillfully used the Internet to raise funds and create and manage a grassroots organization that, in the end, carried them to the White House.
6 The grassroots rightwing Tea Party established a beachhead in the Senate, with two of their favourites, the Republicans Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, winning Kentucky and Florida.
7 In Sahara Desert lives a certain kind of gerbils. It stocks a large amount of grassroots to survive through the upcoming dry season.
8 Grassroots advocacy has also been a powerful counter force to rumour in countries such as Bolivia and Peru, which are as poverty-stricken and with infrastructure as poor as some in Africa.
9 Grassroots football remains essential for UEFA - healthy foundations mean a healthy elite.
10 National associations have striven for recognition within UEFA's grassroots Charter, while the inaugural UEFA grassroots Day in May proved the power of the grassroots game across the continent.
11 She has been trying, on a grassroots level, to instill awareness, to raise a list of women who could enter the political arena.
12 To encourage grassroots input, civil society and community organisations should be included in the entire research process.
13 strong connection to the grassroots and expertise with social networking, President Obama's reelection team mastered the art of hitting up small donors in the 2008 campaign.
14 Likewise, most large businesses steer clear of the grass-roots organizations, because those entities are not allowed to provide official receipts for tax deductions.
15 This may include policy action, advocacy, prevention, and grassroots participation.
16 Anil Gupta, of the Indian Institute of Management, helps run the Honey Bee Network, which encourages grassroots innovation in a number of countries.
17 But I knew that federal money and laws could only give Americans the tools to make their lives better; the real changes still had to be effected by citizens at the grassroots level.
18 In New Hampshire Ovide Lamontagne, a hardline grass-roots favourite, came within a whisker of defeating Kelly Ayotte, the more mainstream candidate, in the Republican primary for Senate.
19 The first sentence of the Massachusetts guidelines for grassroots lobbyists is but a whisker shorter than the Gettysburg address and comprehensible only to a lawyer.
20 Haiti has suffered from disasters more than its neighbors, partly because its institutions have been disrupted for many decades, even at the grass-roots level.
21 Our grants help fund grassroots action in some of the world's most despoiled and impoverished places where other sources of support often are not available.
22 Labour will focus its spending on grassroots organising in the 2015election, says Marcus Roberts of the Fabian Society.
23 Lee Staples recommends this approach for door-to-door fundraising in his book on grassroots organizing, roots to Power.
24 why it is so important to keep working to get a grassroots sporting legacy from the Olympics – and I reckon we are starting to have some success.
25 Actually, it does not have to do this while there are enough grassroots on sand for them to survive through dry season.
26 Not only was he now making contacts with Chicago's political establishment, he had learned from the ground up the mechanics - and importance - of grassroots organisation.
27 Sanders and other academic researchers who follow developments in politics and journalism will be studying further the impact of these new grassroots media as this election year unfolds.
28 The health care authorities need to train more general practitioners for the expansion of basic health care coverage and improvement of grassroots medical services.
29 One of those ways is through using grassroots organizations led by HIV-positive people who can teach others about prevention, treatment, and care.
30 She is the founder and chief education officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank.