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No. sentence
1 The firm granted him a pension.
2 Also, elderly inmates without family or community ties have virtually no chance of parole, which is granted only for those with a reliable guardian.
3 besieged in a few strongholds capitulated on the condition that they would be granted to return home voluntarily.
4 They were granted a delay of 48 hours to gather more evidence.
5 A Wharton spokeswoman tells me that the school does not release information about alumni beyond year of graduation and degree granted.
6 It's fair to say that when an advertisement describes a septic tank as "the best invention since the wheel," we've begun to take our round, load-bearing companion for granted.
7 If your queue managers execute programs that need to pass or set context, then implement profiles and least privilege so that only the users that require this authority have it granted to them.
8 The government had granted them permission to leave the country.
9 Although I would later be criticized for some of the pardons I granted, I was more concerned by a few I didn't grant.
10 Granted there's the convenience factor, but items like the frozen potatoes that are washed, peeled and chopped so you don't have to leave me a little perplexed.
11 But rewards have been granted for the capture of other international terrorists, including Ramzi Yousef, who was convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.
12 While the dollar's status as the major reserve currency will not vanish overnight, we can no longer take it for granted.
13 the Pope duly granted, and in 1262 Henry renounced his oaths to abide by the terms of the provisions.
14 Granted that this is an absurdly simplified account of brain development, it suffices to make a key point, which is that brains build themselves.
15 Such patents, it said, have been granted for decades; the Supreme Court upheld patents on living organisms in 1980.
16 End users can only access the data mart granted to them, not all data warehouse data.
17 New powers granted to Mexico's federal health department include the right to enter any building and to inspect incoming travelers and their baggage.
18 Your degree is equivalent to degrees granted by traditional schools accredited through your professional organization.
19 only at this point -once we take those future benefits for granted -that the bonds of trust between the players began to form.
20 It is easy when you live in the West to take brands - their power, their ability to conjure up feelings of status among consumers, the loyalty they can generate - completely for granted.
21 These are things we all tend to overlook or take for granted because they aren't necessarily how our society measures success.
22 This article discusses how to minimize privileges by minimizing the privileged modules, the privileges granted, and the time the privileges are active.
23 If the old owner had a privilege revoked on the object, and then it was granted back, this privilege would not be transferred.
24 have been granted to hundreds of thousands of firms around the world, despite costing more and taking longer to obtain than local trademarks.
25 Forgiveness is granted, to be sure, but it is conditional.
26 If one stands in front of the mirror and tells the truth, one is granted a wish.
27 Some ventures, including a Pakistani mortgage provider and an Indian pharmacy chain, have flopped. But many others manage to repay their loans (granted at below market rates) or generate dividends.
28 If I go through all this, then will my application at least be granted?
29 There is but one answer. Pray until the thing you pray for has actually been granted, or until you have the assurance in your heart that it will be.
30 Users attempting to access an object must have its security label granted to them.